Top Ten BERT Alternatives For NLU Projects

Here is a compilation of the top ten alternatives to the popular language model BERT for natural language understanding (NLU) projects.

Microsoft Introduces New BERT Model

DeBERTa is the first-ever language model that proposed the disentangled attention mechanism.

Meet Linformer: The First Ever Linear-Time Transformer Architecture By Facebook

Facebook AI introduced a Transformer architecture, that is known to be with more memory as well as time-efficient, called Linformer

Google’s Smart Scrolling: Now AI Tells Your Phones When To Scroll

Google introduced Smart Scrolling, a new ML-based feature in its Recorder app that automatically marks important sections in the transcript.

How Google Might Help You Find The Next Billion Dollar Idea

Google is extending the capability of BERT to a new domain -- patent search. This BERT algorithm is trained exclusively on patent text.

New Serverless Bert with Huggingface, AWS Lambda, and AWS EFS

Build a Serverless Question-Answering API using the Serverless Framework, AWS Lambda, AWS EFS, efsync, Terraform, the transformers Library from HuggingFace

This New BERT Is Way Faster & Smaller Than The Original

Amazon introduced an optimal subset of the popular BERT architecture for neural architecture search, known as BORT.

Keeping up with the BERTs

The most popular family in NLP town. If you haven’t and still somehow have stumbled across this article, let me have the honor of introducing you to BERT — the powerful NLP beast.

Which flavor of BERT should you use for your QA task?

Check out this guide to choosing and benchmarking BERT models for question answering.

Understanding BigBird — Is It Another Big Milestone In NLP?

In this article, I’ve covered: A brief overview of Transformers-based Models; Limitations of Transformers-based Models; What is BigBird, and; Potential applications of BigBird.

Implementing Mobile BERT for Next Sentence Prediction

In this article, we are going to discuss this type of prediction, especially if the prediction has to happen on a mobile device. In this article, we’re going to discuss one of the MobileBERT implementations, called MobileBertForNextSentencePrediction.

ELECTRA: Pre-Training Text Encoders as Discriminators rather than Generators

ELECTRA: Pre-Training Text Encoders as Discriminators rather than Generators. What is the difference between ELECTRA and BERT?

Step-by-Step BERT Explanation & Implementation Part 2— Data Formatting & Loading

Step-by-Step BERT Explanation & Implementation Part 2— Data Formatting & Loading. This is Part 2 of the BERT Explanation & Implementation series.

Zero-Shot Text Classification & Evaluation

Zero-Shot Text Classification & Evaluation. In this post, we will see how to use zero-shot text classification with any labels and explain the background model.

Finetune DistilBERT for multi-label text classsification task

In this post, I will be explaining how to fine-tune DistilBERT for a multi-label text classification task. I have made a GitHub repo as well containing the complete code which is explained below.

Google's New NLP Model Achieves BERT-Level Performance Using Few Parameters

Researchers at Google AI unveiled an extension of the projection attention neural network PRADO, known as pQRNN.

GPT-3 Vs BERT For NLP Tasks - Analytics India Magazine

Both GPT-3 and BERT have been relatively new for the industry, but their SOTA performance has made them the winners in the NLP tasks.

The Solution Approach Of Winners Of Product Sentiment Classification Hackathon

MachineHack successfully conducted its eighteenth installment of the weekend hackathon series this Monday. The Product Sentiment Classification: Weekend Hackathon #19 provided the contestants with an opportunity to develop a machine learning model to accurately classify various products into four different classes of sentiments based on the raw text review provided by the user

AMBERT: A Multi-grained BERT

Just when we thought that all name variations of BERT were taken (RoBERTa, ALBERT, FlauBERT, ColBERT, CamemBERT etc.), along comes AMBERT, another incremental iteration on the Transformer Muppet that has taken over natural language understanding. AMBERT was published on August 27 by ByteDance, the developer of TikTok and Toutiao.

The ABBA explainer to BERT and GPT-2

For the life of me, I couldn’t understand how BERT or GPT-2 worked. I read articles; followed diagrams; squinted at equations; watched recorded classes; read code documentation; and still struggled to make sense of it all. It wasn’t the math that made it hard.