How to peek inside a black box model — Understand Partial Dependence Plots

In this post, we will be learning a tool to reveal the working mechanism of a black box model. But before we start, let talk about something else.

A Country Hijacking

Hello All,As you may already know, I’m full-time bug bounty hunter and earlier this year I had signed a contract as an “Information Security Analyst” in one of the security services providers in our MENA region.

The Case For Mystery in Machine Learning

The Case For Mystery in Machine Learning. Black-box models, or algorithms too complex to understand without sophisticated analysis, are becoming more common in the quest for increasingly accurate predictive analytics.

Opening black-box models with LIME — Beauty and the beast

Opening black-box models with LIME — Beauty and the beast: A simple step-by-step guide (with Python codes) that truly explains what LIME is and how it works as well as some potential pitfalls.