Understanding Kubernetes Operators

Understanding Kubernetes Operators. A Kubernetes operator, by definition, is an orchestration framework. Kubernetes operator is one of the tools designed to push automation past its limits.

Why Should You Invest in Professional Time lapse Videos for Your Business - Studio 52

A time-lapse video is a perfect medium to showcase the passage of time. They are immersive, beautiful, and timeless making them a perfect tool to improve your brand image.

Opportunity For Entrepreneurs To Start New Online Delivery Business

Site contains the [blog](https://on-demand-delivery-scripts.mystrikingly.com/ "blog") about the delivery businesses like grocery, pharmacy and alcohol. Entrepreneurs can kickstart their business with our ready-made clone script.

Node.js 15 Is Out! What Does It Mean for You?

How does this new major release affect you? Find out what the breaking changes are and how to use the new features.

Digital Business Transformation: How to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors in 2021 – Tivix

Digital business transformation - how can it give your business a competitive advantage? We explain how to implement digital transformation successfully.

What is Digital Innovation? The Complete Guide – Tivix

What is digital innovation? And what are the risks and rewards of prioritizing it within your business? Our experts explain in this comprensive guide.

perder barriga com regime de receita japonesa

O regime japonês não é apenas uma ajuda, melhora o estilo de vida e ao mesmo tempo emagrece. Além de prometer eliminar vários kgs por dia fa..

sal amargo para em casa emagrecer e ajudar na estética

É bem popularizado o assunto sobre o Sal amargo: benefícios para emagrecer já, por um lado ele realmente reduz o peso de forma rápida, porém é preciso...

Automating Installation of WordPress with NGINX Unit on Ubuntu

In this post we’re trying to combine the best of both worlds, by providing a bash script that automates WordPress installation on Ubuntu and walking through it to explain what each section does and the design trade‑offs we made.

The security threat of adversarial machine learning is real

The security threat of adversarial machine learning is real. The Adversarial ML Threat Matrix provides guidelines that help detect and prevent attacks on machine learning systems.

Infrastructure as Code vs. Infrastructure as Software

Infrastructure as code (IaC) is the process of managing and provisioning computer data centers ... The ability to treat infrastructure like code and use the same tools as any other software project would allow developers to rapidly deploy ...

The Shift from Polyrepos to Monorepos

As code repositories become more complex, challenges become more apparent. The shift from polyrepos to monorepos help overcome & make these more manageable.

Create Your New GitHub Profile Page with Blog Posts

The new profile page showcase information about you, your work, skills and your blog posts

Setup a blog in minutes with Jekyll & Github

A blog lets a person express his/her thoughts, and everyone craves to have his/her blog. Creating a blog is quite simple as of today. Open-source software such as wordpress, jekyll, hugo can help you create & set up your blog. In this post, we will see about Jekyll and how to host it in Github for free.

Monitoring Health of ASP.NET Core Background Services With TCP Probes on Kubernetes

The default implementation of health checks on ASP.NET Core contains a middleware, a hosted service, and a few libraries. The probes are then exposed over HTTP.

NGINX Announces Eight Solutions that Let Developers Run Safely with Scissors

We announce eight solutions that unleash developer speed without sacrificing the control infrastructure teams require. Get the details on NGINX Controller, App Protect, Ingress Controller, Service Mesh, and Analytics Cloud Service; F5 DNS Cloud Services; and Red Hat integrations.

How To Create a Developer Blog on DevDojo

Nowadays, creating a blog is easy. But, with all the different options available, you might go crazy by just doing the research. Your Dev Blog will have a default subdomain `username.devdojo.com`, and you may choose to add a custom domain as well.

Introducing NGINX Service Mesh

NGINX Service Mesh (NSM) is now available in a development release -- download it for free and give us your feedback! NSM is a fully integrated lightweight service mesh that leverages a data plane powered by NGINX Plus to manage container traffic in Kubernetes environments.

Hello, Network Automation World

Guest blogger Jeremy Schulman offers practical advice for network engineers charged with increasing automation. First, focus on tasks that reduce operational friction among teams. Become familiar with the tools used by various teams, and learn how to use their APIs.

What Customers Tell Us They Need for Modern API Management

We explain why traditional API management frameworks don't work in modern, microservices-based app environments. The NGINX API management solution embodies features our customers tell us they need now: decoupled data and control planes, multi-cloud support, and self-service.