Explaining Software Bugs in the Chipotle Mobile App as a Programmer

In this video tutorial, we'll Explaining Software Bugs in the Chipotle Mobile App as a Programmer. A software developer perspective as well as how they could be fixed. If there's another app out there with a bug that you want me to talk about, leave a comment down below!

Bug Parade: NSA Warns on Cresting China-Backed Cyberattacks

Bug Parade: NSA Warns on Cresting China-Backed Cyberattacks. The Feds have published a Top 25 exploits list, rife with big names like BlueKeep, Zerologon and other notorious security vulnerabilities.

Critical WordPress-Plugin Bug Found in 'Orbit Fox'

According to researchers at Wordfence, the first flaw (CVEs are pending) is an authenticated privilege-escalation flaw that carries a CVSS bug-severity score of 9.9, making it critical. Authenticated attackers with contributor level access or above can elevate themselves to administrator status and potentially take over a WordPress site

Checking Clang 11 with PVS-Studio

Every now and then, we have to write articles about how we've checked out another fresh version of some compiler. Here's what we thought.

⚠️ Error Python? :(

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Introduction to Git Bisect: Find Commits that Introduced a Bug

Introduction to Git Bisect: Find Commits that Introduced a Bug. The Git Bisect command uses a binary search algorithm to find which commit in your project’s history introduced a bug. A "bad" commit that is known to contain the bug, and a "good" commit that is known to be before the bug was introduced.

Top 10 Bugs Found in C++ Projects in 2020

In the past year, we introduced many new diagnostic rules that detected these errors and placed them at the top. We've also enhanced the analyzer's core and added new use case scenarios. You can learn more about this in our blog.

Machine Learning Model: Avoid These 8 Mistakes Before Training

Just add a few well-crafted features and the Machine Learning model won’t have a hard time finding the decision boundary. In this article, we’re going to go through 8 Machine Learning tips that will help you to train a model with fewer screw-ups.

Bug Investigation (Python)

Let’s find a small bug on a big tree together

Fixing Code Errors in Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Just before the release of the "Amnesia: Rebirth" game, the vendor "Fractional Games" opened the source code of the legendary "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" and its sequel "Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs". Why not use the static analysis tool to see what dreadful mistakes are hidden in the inside of these cult horror games?

Cisco Warns of Severe DoS Flaws in Network Security Software

The majority of the bugs in Cisco’s Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) and Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) software can enable denial of service (DoS) on affected devices.

Top 10 C++ Open Source Project Bugs Found in 2019

Another year is drawing to an end, and it's a perfect time to make yourself a cup of coffee and reread the reviews of bugs collected across open-source projects over this year. This would take quite a while, of course, so we prepared this article to make it easier for you. Today we'll be recalling the most interesting dark spots that we came across in open-source C/C++ projects in 2019.

Nullable Reference Will Not Protect you, and Here Is the Proof

Have you ever wanted to get rid of the problem with dereferencing null references? If so, using Nullable Reference types is not your choice. Do you want to know why? This will be our topic today.

Bugs from the 90's: The Code of Command and Conquer

The American company Electronic Arts Inc (EA) has opened the source code of the games Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Command & Conquer: Red Alert publicly available. Several dozen errors were detected in the source code using the PVS-Studio analyzer, so, please, welcome the continuation of found defects review.

Bugs From the 90's: The Code of the Command & Conquer Game

In this post, I’ll discuss how the different types of rules give rise to different types of false positives, which ones are easier to fix than others, and how you can help. I’ll end with insight into how issues that are false positives can still be true indicators that the code needs to change.

Python Debugging

In this hands-on tutorial, you'll learn the basics of using pdb, Python's interactive source code debugger.The module pdb defines an interactive source code debugger for Python programs.

5 Easy Ways To Avoid Bugs

Every web developer makes bugs. I’ve made hundreds at least. Known ones. Some happen quite often so let’s write them down. Early discovery of bugs will help reduce costs. The further the problem goes the fixing costs rise exponentially. Check the graph to see what’s your impact overall.

How to spot and exploit postMessage vulnerablities?

Hey fam, i hope everyone is doing okay and able to use this time efficiently for self development and to self reflect. This corona virus pandemic has grown a bit tiring to be honest and gets the best of us.

FoodPanda Got Annoying Bugs

Everyone living in southeast Asia already knows about FoodPanda. FoodPanda is a mobile food delivery marketplace owned by Berlin-based…

Critical Bugs in Utilities VPNs Could Cause Physical Damage

Gear from Secomea, Moxa and HMS Networks are affected by remote code-execution flaws, researchers warn.