Introduction to SaaS and Platform evaluation recommendation

For almost everyone, 2020 is truly an unforgettable year. Under the influence of the epidemic, the information society, from life to work…

Optimizing a Loan Portfolio Using a Data-Driven Strategy

Can financial analysts optimize a loan portfolio based on data-centric strategies & quantitative algorithms? Authors: Noah Mukhtar, Shaan Kohli, Shaher yar Jahangir and Ramy Hammam.

How to Track Marketing Campaigns With Google Analytics

Understand exactly which channels and promotions work best for your website. This article is sponsored by Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Enjoy unlimited reading and listening on any device.

Ways To Make Money As A Developer

There are two types of people. Ones are already working as programmers and there are others who just code in their free time. It doesn’t matter which group you fit in, but the thing that most people want is to make some extra money as programmers. So, in this article, I’ll show you a couple of ways to make money as a developer.

The Most Powerful Thing that Improves Spreadsheet Forecasting

Avoid Overlooking It With One Simple Checklist. I was falling asleep in one most boring project management workshops I have ever attended.

How No-Code Can Save Your Startup

The trick of being an entrepreneur is to extend your runway long enough to become profitable. If you haven’t nailed product-market fit by the time you run out of cash, the jig is up.

CrowdforThink : Blog -Golang: Which One To Choose For Your Business in 2020?

Golang or Go, created by Google, is considered as one of the quickest developing programming dialects. It is an open-source and lightweight language which makes it a perfect for small scale administrations programming models.

Your Fancy Model and Low MSE Means Little to Your Data Science Boss

Your Fancy Model and Low MSE Means Little to Your Data Science Boss: Focus on what really matters. There are almost too many technical metrics to measure model performance.

Centralized and Decentralized Systems Finally Get ‘Chained’

What is Chainlink and how it differs from other crypto-currencies. While Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to trade at a relatively tight range, altcoins are soaring each day in value.

Intuition Behind Principal Component Analysis

What Is PCA? Why PCA Is Used? What Is Dimensionality Reduction? Unsupervised machine learning has always been used to work very closely with supervised machine learning algorithms.

Quantitative Finance in Python

Introduction to the time value of money with code. The first quantitative class for vanilla finance and quantitative finance majors alike has to do with the time value of money.

Safari to Block Google Analytics and More Reasons

Apple has announced that the upcoming version of Safari will start blocking Google Analytics from cross-site tracking. It’s called Plausible Analytics and you can see the live demo here.

Your Analysts Are Not a Search Engine

How to frame the problem and stop collecting shiny rocks. This article is a part of my series on Smart Analytics, targeted at executive leadership and data analysts.

AI in business: 10 reasons your company should implement AI

Today, many companies face a far-reaching and unexpected crisis. Entrepreneurs have had to pivot their plans and priorities to keep their start-ups competitive. Now more than ever, businesses need strong, decisive actions that improve upon existing processes to make companies work more efficiently.

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Ideal Server for Big Data Requirements

Big Data refers to a massive volume of data sets. And there are a number of ways in which big data can help businesses grow at an accelerated rate. This massive data can offer deep insights to the businesses.

Top Reasons to Choose Node.JS For Web App Development in 2020

With the rapidly growing software development industry and technology stacks, choosing the right way for web app development has become one of the complicated tasks. Here's Top reasons to choose Node.JS for web app development in 2020

A Battle of XGBoost & PyTorch

A non-technical comparison of XGBoost and PyTorch. TL; DR — The article compares XGBoost and PyTorch — two of the most popular ML libraries — and discuss which one is better.

Your Greatest Strength in a Job Interview Is Efficiency

Here’s why it gains countless job offers

The 3 Most Critical Skills for Marketing Analytics

The 3 Most Critical Skills for Marketing Analytics. Digital Marketing is the most data-rich field in all of Business, and also has the most pitfalls.

How Serverless Applications Will Change Your Business

This is how serverless will change your business in the coming years. In 2008, Netflix was struck by a disaster. A fast-growing global streaming service was well on its way to transform the entertainment industry when the management faced a problem exposed by a data center failure. Even though it was a single issue, it shut the entire service down, depriving the company of millions in profits and effectively ending the shipments of DVDs (they were still a thing in 2008).