C is a general-purpose programming language used for system programming, libraries, games and cross-platform.

C Programming for Beginners | Learn C Programming in 2021 | Learn C Programming

C is an evergreen language and is widely used across different industries. This language is a must for students and working professionals who want to become good Software Engineers, especially when they are working in the Software Development Domain. Great Learning brings you this live session on "C Programming for Beginners". In this live session, we will be covering major concepts of C, starting with the syntax of the language. Then we will be covering topics such as comments, tokens, variables, etc. We will then look at different data types and operators used for various mathematical operations, post which we will conclude our session with in-built libraries and conditional statements wherein we will talk about if, else if, nested if, and else block, and how multiple conditions can be replaced by a switch case. We will also understand the concepts of loops wherein we will talk about while loops, for loops and do-while loops including their similarities and differences.

C Code For Deletion in a Binary Search Tree

In this video, we will see how to code deletion in a binary search tree. C Code For Deletion in a Binary Search Tree

C is for Classification

What is classification? Classification is one of two types of supervised machine learning tasks (i.e. tasks where we have a labeled dataset) with the other being regression.

Playfair Cipher Encryption

Cryptography is the science or art of secret writing. The fundamental objective of cryptography is to enable 2 people to communicate over an insecure channel in such a way that an opponent cannot understand what is being said.

Playfair Cipher Decryption

If you haven’t read this article on Playfair Encryption, go take a look first! It has a brief on the Playfair cipher as well as the logic behind most of the code.

Minimum number of bits required to be flipped such that Bitwise OR of A andB is equal to C

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A Closer Look at 5 New Features in C# 10

We’ve been speculating about the future of C# 10 for a while. The possibilities are no secret. Spend some time on the C# GitHub page and you’ll find a long list of tantalizing ideas — some with major headaches still being hashed out. Many of them won’t make it into the next version of C#, and some of them won’t appear in the language ever.

Why C Comes In Handy For Data Science

The wonderful world of the Data Science domain usually resides in high-level, declarative programming languages. A prime example of such a language is Python, but just looking at the list of most popular languages quickly reveals what kind of syntax most Data Scientists prefer to work with.

A C-like hardware description language adding HLS-like automatic pipelining

A C-like(1) hardware description language (HDL)(2) adding HLS(high level synthesis)-like automatic pipelining(3) as a language construct/compiler feature.

What Is The New Google OS Fuchsia All About

Fuchsia is written in C++, C, Dart, Rust and it runs on modern 64-bit intel ARM processors. Its operating system has been open-sourced under the open-source license and can be viewed & downloaded on Google’s public bit repositories.

High Performance Code Pays Dividends

In the public sphere if not behind every closed door, the software community preempts any suggestion of a focus on performance with an ubiquitous and misunderstood quote by Donald Knuth: “Premature optimization is the root of all evil.” While I have as little love for speculative micro-optimizations as Knuth, careful attention to software performance comes with significant benefits and is subject to feedback loops that can radically improve a project on several levels.

Program and syntax for iscntrl(int c) function in C

In C, iscntrl() is a predefined function used for string and character handling. ctype is the header file required for character functions. A control character is one that is not a printable character i.e, it does not occupy a printing position on a display.

Merge K Sorted Lists using a C++ Heap | Hard LeetCode Interview Question

Merge K Sorted Lists using a C++ Heap - We see how to use a heap in order to merge sorted linked lists together.

What Employers Exactly Look for in a C/C++ Job Description

Nine times out of ten, you will come across a job ad that lists C/C++ as a skill requirement. No matter the company, the job title, or the salary, you will likely find that the job description lists C/C++ as a required skill. Better yet, they...

Cybersecurity: The Coding Myth

After concluding that I was finally going into tech, one of the fields that was of interest to me was Cyber Security. The concept of protecting users and actively fighting against Cyber Criminals really caught my attention, some people refer to the field as the “superheroes” of the tech space. Since I started working in the field, the most frequently asked question has been, “Do you have to code in Cyber Security?” and my usual is “No but Yes”, and why is this?

Episode #46: C for Python Developers and Data Visualization With Dash

Are you interested in building interactive dashboards with Python? How about a project that takes a flat data file all the way to a web-hosted interactive dashboard? This week on the show, David Amos is back, and he's brought another batch of PyCoder's Weekly articles and projects.

Crystal Language That Aims at C Performance with Ruby Syntax Releases 1.0

Crystal, a new object-oriented, compiled systems programming language that aims to blend the conciseness and friendliness of Ruby with the efficiency of C, recently released its first major version. Crystal 1.0 has a syntax close to Ruby’s and features statically inferred types, C bindings, and macros. Crystal may attract developers with a Ruby/Rails, Elixir/Phoenix background.

Episode #46: C for Python Developers and Data Visualization With Dash

Are you interested in building interactive dashboards with Python? How about a project that takes a flat data file all the way to a web-hosted interactive dashboard? This week on the show, David Amos is back, and he’s brought another batch of PyCoder’s Weekly articles and projects.

Solving Modern Software Dependency Management Issues

In order to help developers tracking dependencies, FASTEN provides a new intelligent package management framework, on top of existing dependency management tools. The FASTEN European research project wants to support DevOps teams by helping them...

JetBrains .NET Days Online 2021 Recap – Session Recordings Available

Thank you to everyone who joined us for JetBrains .NET Days Online 2021! We had two 8-hour days full of knowledge and inspiration, as well as a very lively chat during our stream on YouTube thanks to