Setting Up Sublime Text For Competitive Programming (for C++, Python, and Java)

Welcome guys! If you have been programming for some time, then you must have heard about Sublime Text, “A sophisticated text editor for code, markup, and prose”.

Some basic models of Machine Learning using C#

Machine Learning Models With C#. In this article, I would like to share some basic models of Machine Learning using C#

Using Immutable Data Structures in C# and .NET

Immutable objects - aka objects whose properties and fields can't change after instantiation - are one of the fundamental pillars of functional programming.

Count of triplets (a, b, c) in the Array such that a divides b and b divides c

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How to Drive Paid Search Strategy at the C-Suite

Leveraging PPC industry data in the boardroom is essential to get buy-in. Learn how to show the value of paid search to the C-suite with SEM reporting.

Classes and Objects in C++ | C++ Programming Language - Part2

This Edureka video Classes and Objects in C++ will help you to get started with C++.

Level-up your C++ productivity using Visual Studio

Come learn how you can improve your efficiency even while working from home. We’ll take a look at online development environments, Live Share, and a host of other new productivity features and tips.

Introduction to C++ Programming Language | C++ Tutorial for Beginners - Part 1

This Edureka video on Introduction to C++ Programming will help you to get started with C++.

Function Templates and the STL

C++’s Standard Template Library is not an object-oriented library it is a generic library.

Loops in C++ | For, While, and Do While Loops in C++

In this Video We are going to see how to use Loops in C++. We will see How to use For, While, and Do While Loops in C++.

Modern C++ development with Visual Studio

Join us for a demo packed session on the latest improvements in Visual Studio 2019, including new C++20 features, cross-platform CMake integration, and support for Visual Studio Codespaces.

Dynamic command dispatching in C#

Let’s keep this one short and sweet

The essential guide for logging from C#

Learn about everything from logging and structured log messages to layout renderers and configuration of common targets.

Some of the pitfalls or surprises you might encounter while using C Templates

Pitfalls of Templates type deduction in C++. In this post, I will pick up some of the pitfalls or surprises you might encounter while using C++ Templates.

The Switch statement in C#

Sometimes an if statement won't handle all the workflow scenarios your application may need. The switch statement is a programming language fundamental statement. See how to use it in your C# applications.

A Guide to using the strdup() function in C/C++

In this article, we’ll take a look at using the strdup() function in C/C++. The strdup() function is very useful if you want to duplicate the contents of a string onto another string.

How to use C++ Classes and Objects

In this C++ tutorial for beginners, you'll learn how to use C++ Classes and Objects. We'll start with the basics, including syntax, operators, loops, and functions. Lean how to use data structures and create your own Functions. This Course will show you the details of the powerful object and template systems so you can create useful classes and objects.

Functions In C++

In this video We will see Functions In C++. We will see How the Declaration, Call, Return Values, Parameter Passing, Function overloading works in C++.

Luciano Ramalho: Oficinas Turing

Um dias destes eu estava procurando documentação sobre umas coisas da linguagem python quando me deparei com uma apresentação do Luciano Ramalho, o entrevistado deste episódio deste episódio. O que me chamou atenção não foi nem tanto a qualidade do material ou a didática do mesmo, mas sim o fato …

C++ Arrays And Multidimensional Arrays

In this video we are going to talk about C++ Arrays And Multidimensional Arrays, so c++ arrays are collection of the elements that are the same type.