5 Career Decisions that Shaped my Career Path

5 Career Decisions that Shaped my Career Path. I suggest that you take the elements that fit your personality and your career aspirations.

4 Steps to Actually Finish your Side Project

We’ve all seen the graveyard of abandoned projects folders. Desperately competing for attention but failing in the glow of a new adventure or app that will change the world. I use to do that all the time, now I finished 4 apps, and 2 other projects within the last year by applying the following steps.

What To Expect In The First Two Years Of Data Science

This article is for anyone interested in understanding what types of work tasks they should expect from a career in data science. This article will review each of these four high-level categories of work, and then explain how the distribution of work among these categories will start out and then change over time.

From Philosophy Major to DevOps Engineer

How I went from a non-STEM major to DevOps engineer at a Fortune 100 company. Many of my engineering colleagues are surprised to hear that I have a bachelor's degree in philosophy. Those on my team with STEM degrees often tell me it's ..

There are 5 kinds of data scientists

In this article, I will be sharing what kind of roles exists in the industry infamously referred to as “data scientists” and debunking the rockstar data scientists requirements.

My Experience as a Data Scientist vs. a Data Analyst

My Experience as a Data Scientist vs. a Data Analyst. Secrets to success I wished I had known from the beginning

Top 10 Junior Web Developer Jobs for a Bright Future

Many of you may ask — Is the field of web development a good career choice for me in 2020 and beyond? The next question comes to our mind “Is there plenty of opportunities for junior web developer jobs ?

How to Build the Perfect CV to Land a Data Science Role

How to Build the Perfect CV to Land a Data Science Role. In this post, you’ll find expert tips, examples, and takeaways to make a resume that’s good enough for the job you really want.

How To Become A Software Developer in the Blockchain Industry in 2020

Recently, I talked to Artur Meyster at Career Karma about jobs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. He put together an article you might enjoy, which I’m publishing on his behalf.

Here's Why You Should Take The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

In this article, I’ll share three main reasons for getting this certification. Although my collection of experiences are only one of many, my aim is to inspire others (eg. product managers, engineers, developers, business analysts, designers, etc) to push their individual learning and professional boundaries in order to create new opportunities for themselves beyond their imagination.

Are you a Data Scientist aspirant? Here is my story of becoming one

In this post I talk about what I was doing before becoming a Data Scientist, how did I become one and what is it like being one.

What you need to know before you become a Data Engineer. (Career Advise)

In this article I wont be just telling you the differences but I will also explain when and why you should chose Data Engineer as your career choice.

Why Psychologists can be great Data Scientists

The Intersection of Psychology and Data Science. I talked about transitioning from psychology (or any social science) to data science. The focus was mostly on the skills one needed to gain to become a fully-fledged data scientist.

Ditch Web Development, Cloud Development Is What You Need ☁️

The “Learn How to Code” Hype Train. Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that “becoming a developer” is all the rage.

5 Myths Stopping you From Becoming a Software Engineer

#3. You Need a Computer Science Degree.Learning to code is cool. You get to understand how computers work. You start to see that you can learn to speak to them. You gain access to the genie underneath the hood.

My Observations of the Current Data Science Industry and Career Advice

In this blog, I’d like to share my understanding of the data science industry and give some advice to the friends who are keen to pursue a DS career.

How to Become a Developer Without a Degree or Boot Camp — Is It Possible?

Can you become a developer without a degree or boot camp? Let’s go over many of the questions you may have.

Getting into data science without a graduate degree

How I landed one of the most coveted jobs with just a bachelor’s. If you look at any data scientist job posting today, most if not all of them are looking for candidates with a MS or PhD in data science. Not to mention the laundry list of technical skill requirements.

How I got out of a dead end job and became a software developer

I know how you feel. I was on the same boat a year and a half ago. I was working as a configuration specialist helping clients troubleshoot their software through specialized software. I graduated out of Cal Poly and this was my first job after graduating college.

10 Female Software Developers Helpful Advice For New Devs

Currently, women only represent 27.5% of software developers globally (source at bottom of article). The software developer community has a long way to go to reach gender equality and one of the ways to do this is to help highlight female developers.