What Is The Hiring Process For Data Scientists At TheMathCompany

Data scientist is one of the most in-demand jobs despite the ongoing pandemic. While there are openings for data science roles in many firms, they still face challenges in terms.

What happens when data engineers are too awesome?

Data scientists become ordinary. Here are some steps to ensure you stand out. Over the years, there has been a push to separate the data engineering from the data analysis.

5 Typical Mindset Mistakes of Aspiring Data Scientists

I’ve worked with over 500 aspiring data scientists in the last few years and I’ve seen some typical mindset mistakes they tend to make.

Tips for surviving as Data Scientist employee

How to thrive as the first data-soldier on the ground. More and more businesses are taking their first steps into Data Science, and many are hoping to build that capability in-house.

5 Keys to Advancing in Your Career

In this post, I would like to discuss 5 tips I have used to navigate the grid of available data science positions. I hope these tips will help you navigate your own path to new and exciting challenges.

Data Scientists, Why It Feels Your Teammates Are Smarter Than You

Data Scientists, Why It Feels Your Teammates Are Smarter Than You. One reason you don’t understand what your colleagues are talking about and what you can do about it.

How to assess a developers technical ability: A guide for interviewers

If you're hiring developers you're always going to need a technical interview as part of the process. This post discusses what you should look for in this interview to find the best applicants.

How You Should Change Your Data Science Education

How You Should Change Your Data Science Education? Focusing your skillset on a specific position. There are many types of data scientists, with varying skillets and responsibilities.

The Future of Data Scientists

The bifurcation of the data scientist position. In the fall of 2012, I remember my mother telling me about an article that said data scientists are the new, sexy profession.

How to Set up a Video Interview in This Pandemic

Preparing for a video interview requires research, practice, and set design. This article tells you how to prepare–and make eye-contact through a screen.

10 Things You Should Know for Your First Developer Job

These tips will put you weeks ahead

5 Tips to Scale Your UX Professional Growth

Resources to help you plan and develop your career trajectory in the UX industry.

How I Made It Into My Dream Company in 3 Years.

These are the lessons I learned. I made the decision to pursue a career in data at the end of 2017 at my kitchen table in near tears; I was scared to enter a field with such a high barrier-to-entry.

INSERT INTO Yugabyte (We’re Hiring, July 2020 Edition)

Team Yugabyte is hiring! Check out our currently open positions as of July 2020 in engineering, customer success, and marketing. Although it remains a difficult time nationally and globally, it’s our hope that sharing this information and our currently open positions may be some good news at a time when it’s needed most.

3 Life Lessons From a Failed Interview

The internship I had dreamed of was interested in me for an interview. The pay was amazing when compared to other internships. My career in digital marketing? Started.

Sources Agree: Data Science Skills Go Beyond Data

What’s the magical combination of skills for data science? Let’s use data science to find out.

The Emergence of Data Generalists

The Emergence of Data Generalists - The adoption of the cloud, increased automation, and skill segmentation will give rise to a new position, data generalists.

Autonomous AI, the new necessity

AI isn’t taking jobs away; in fact artificial intelligence actually might increase job satisfaction by taking over redundant, mundane task.

What is the AI adoption success formula?

We are in the middle of yet another wave of digital transformation with AI at its core. Business leaders’ skills are put to the test.

Where it is the easiest to get Data Science job? Not where you may think!

What tell us LinkedIn data. Covid-19 has had an impact on nearly all aspects of life, including people’s work, also in the broad sector of IT (and what interests us the most — Data Science field). To support fellow industry colleagues looking for a job I decided to make a small analysis on LinkedIn data and answer questions like: