Customer Showcase: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

See how the Academy leverged Xamarin to deliver a rich, responsive experience to its members across a range of devices for the Oscars®

Partnering with fintech to deliver the promise of Kubernetes at enterprise-scale

Today’s IT departments tend to run lean, and deploying Kubernetes clusters requires time and expertise that can take resources away from innovation and value generation tasks.

College Diary App with Xamarin.Forms by Theodora Tataru

Guest Blog: Theodora Tataru shares her developer story of finding Xamarin and building out her new Xamarin.Forms app called College Diary.This is a guest blog by Theodora Tataru about her Xamarin.Forms app, College Diary. Theodora is a software development student at the Institute of Technology Carlow in Ireland. Theodora can be found on Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn.

Troops revenue communications software improves CRM data quality

Discover how Caylent supported Troops in all its infrastructure and environment modernization so the company could concentrate on product development instead. Troops’ mission is to make business software human, so work gets easier, information improves, teams sell more, and business grows. Troops revenue communications software improves CRM data quality, automates administrative work, enhances visibility, and enables collaboration.

Run The World Case Study

Recently, Caylent pulled Run The World back from crisis amid a severe production outage. Find out how our DevOps team rose to the challenge here.

Delivering the promise of Kubernetes at enterprise-scale

Managing Kubernetes at enterprise-scale is also compromised by a lack of tooling. The everyday management apparatus that IT teams expect from their enterprise platforms – such as logging, monitoring, disaster recovery, auditing, and automation elements – are missing from vanilla Kubernetes. If a node goes down, IT has no way of finding out what went wrong or automating a fix – slowing time to restore and extending application downtime for business users.