Case Studies of AWS SQS. How Industries Uses SQS Inside Their Services

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a fully managed message queuing service that enables you to decouple and scale microservices…

Overcoming Data Challenges in a Machine Learning project: A Real-World Project

Overcoming Data Challenges in a Machine Learning project: A Real-World Project. Let's dive deep into a real-world project and see what Machine Learning engineers do to overcome the challenges.

Master Data Science case studies: A hiring manager’s perspective

Based on my experience both as a candidate and a hiring manager I address some typical questions around data science case studies.

I Missed Eating Out With Friends So Much I Did a Design Exercise to Cope

Samgyeopsal grease may be a better social lubricant than beer, but I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s been around 150 days since I last ate out with friends.

My Kard — Make payments securely and track expenses

It’s always beneficial to start with good UI/UX because in the long run it just becomes better in the agile sprints.

How to Prepare for Business Case Interview as an Analyst?

As a data analyst or data scientist, we not only need to know probabilities and statistics, machine learning algorithms, coding, but most importantly we need to know how to use these techniques to solve any business problems.

How to Approach Guesstimates

A Guide to Guesstimate No. Of Burgers sold in McDonald’s outlet???

Apple’s Most Notorious Code Bug

How a single line in the code compromised security on all Apple devices

A Sudden Drop in User Engagement

A Sudden Drop in User Engagement: Using product analytics, data visualizations and data science methodologies to investigate a drop in user engagement for Yammer

Problem Solving as Data Scientist: a Case Study

Problem Solving as Data Scientist: a Case Study. My thoughts on how data scientists solve problems, along with sharing a case study using one favorite project in my first job

GCP Case Studies for the Architect Exam

Google Cloud Platform currently uses three case studies for a certain percentage of its PCA (Professional Cloud Architect) exam questions that serve as an additional context.

From 0 to 1000 Nodes on a Testnet: Case Study on Avalanche Denali

What is a testnet? A Testnet is a network for running tests. Its utility is to perform tests and run experimental features before the project goes into production.

Suggesting the price of items for online platforms using Machine Learning

A Machine Learning (Regression) case study based on the Mercari Dataset on Kaggle. The objective of this case study is to suggest an appropriate selling price to a seller who wishes to sell his/her product (usually pre-owned) on the online platform, Mercari, which connects the sellers to the buyers. This case study is based on the famous Kaggle Competition held in 2018: Mercari Price Suggestion Challenge

Multiple Linear Regression for Manufacturing Analysis

Regression is one of the mathematical approaches to measure the relationship between independent/predictor variables with their dependent/target variable.

Five Ways to Refine Your UX Case Study

We can divide your UX case study into 5 parts, based on the German playwright ... Next, we'll go through the best way to write the problem, the solution and your ... Let's improve this problem statement by adding a compellin

Talab is a uniquely wonderful eCommerce app which is completely a social networking app.

Talab is a uniquely wonderful eCommerce app which is completely a social networking app.

Flywheel | Prismetric

Flywheel is an incredibly easy app for booking cabs in America. The GPS helps track where the driver is and an approximate time when will he be able to pick them up.