Ways To Handle Categorical Data Before Train ML Models With Implementation.

Implemented popular techniques using Python. In this blog, I will explain different ways to handle categorical features/columns along with implementation using python.

Approaching categorical variables

Many people struggle a lot with the handling of categorical variables. In this article , I will talk about different types of categorical data and how to approach a problem with categorical variables.

Target Encoding For Multi-Class Classification

What is wrong with TargetEncoder from category_encoders? This article is in continuation of my previous article that explained how target encoding actually works.

All About Target Encoding For Classification Tasks

All About Target Encoding For Classification Tasks: Setting Context To Implement Target Encoding For Multi-Class Classification. Recently I did a project wherein the target was multi-class.

Here’s All you Need to Know About Encoding Categorical Data (with Python code)

Here you will see few very interesting data encoding techniques for categorical features of your machine learning project. Understand what is Categorical Data Encoding.

Embeddings in Machine Learning

Embeddings are a basic method to encode label information into a vector. Remember one-hot vectors? No? Well do you remember unit vectors from math class?

Categorical features parameters in CatBoost

Categorical features parameters in CatBoost: Mastering the parameters you didn’t know exist. CatBoost is an open-sourced gradient boosting library.

Handling Categorical Data, The Right Way

The most underrated way of encoding data and what you are doing wrong. Categorical data is simply information aggregated into groups rather than being in numeric formats.

Working with Categorical Predictors

Fairly new to Predictive Algorithms, I realized that knowing how to feed in data to the algorithm and letting it effortlessly predict and display the ‘accuracy score’.

Basic Encoding for Categorical Data in Machine Learning

When dealing with data in machine learning, we could meet various types of data, whether it’s a string, number or date. String data must…