Hackathons In 2020: A Win-Win Situation For Both The Employers & The Job Seekers

While going digital is the most effective way to respond to the pandemic, virtual hackathons have emerged as a great solution that has become mainstream over the few months.

How to ace the data science coding challenge

In this article, I will share some useful tips from my personal experience that would help you excel in the coding challenge project. Before delving into the tips, let’s first examine some sample coding exercises.

Is It Human or Is It Animal? Target Classification With Doppler

The Role of Radio Signals in Distinguishing Between Targets and MAFAT’s Latest Data Science Challenge. How humans and animals leave different doppler-pulse footprints and MAFAT’s latest data science prize for creating a model that can distinguish between them.

Ironhack’s Prework: UrbanGo Challenge 1

My first challenge, as an Ironhacker, is to use the Design Thinking process to propose a new feature to UrbanGo, a transport application based in Silicon Valley.

Target Classification with Doppler-Pulse Radar and Neural Networks

The Role of Radio Signals in Distinguishing Between Targets and MAFAT’s Latest Data Science Challenge. In the world of data science the industry, academic, and government sectors often collide when enthusiasts and experts alike, work together to tackle the challenges we face day-to-day. A prime example of this collaboration is the Israeli Ministry of Defense Directorate of Defense Research & Development (DDR&D)’s MAFAT challenges. A series of data science related challenges with real-world application and lucrative prize pools. In the program’s own words:

js13kGames 2020: A lean coding challenge with WebXR and Web Monetization

Announcing the return of the annual month-long competition for HTML5 game developers. For js13kGames contestants, the file size limit for all entries is set to 13 kilobytes of code. That's ...

The future of in-person retail: Walmart and Target vs. Amazon

Are in-person retail stories really dying? Let’s find out! Amazon has become a lot of our best friends during our time at home this year.

Sometimes, I want answers, not constraints.

I love to participate in code challenges. There are tons of ’em online, each having their strengths and weaknesses. Most of them focus on data structures and concern themselves with Big O for speed and memory. However, my main occupation is data science and AI, not software engineering.

Day 4 — Most Common Word

100 Days to Amazon — Day 4 — Leetcode🥇100 Days Challenge for cracking the Coding Interview

Microsoft Build Cloud Skills Challenge に登録してスキルを磨きながら賞品獲得も狙ってみる

こんにちは、Mr.Moです。 ついに今年のMicrosoft Build がスタートしましたね。今年はオンラインで無料で参加できるので私も機械学習あたりのセッションを中心にウォッチしております。セッション以外にも面白い企

Analysis of EMG Physical Data: Aggressive and Normal Activities

Analysis of EMG Physical Data: Aggressive and Normal Activities - As part of a regular challenge to improve my skills in data science and machine learning, I use the random dataset link generator to build…

Pandas to Look for the Cutest Cat Per Town

Pandas got two important data structures Series and DataFrame