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Hire Best Chatbot Developers | Best Chatbot Development Companies 2021

There is more demand for chatbots in the workforce than ever before, and if you want to get ahead of the game and hire someone who can handle this new and exciting field, you'll need to know how to find the best one. Just read this article with our list of Hire top Chatbot developers from around the world. 

It's not a new idea at all. The bots that are behind AI have been making a lot of waves lately. People frequently use Chatbots to engage with their customers. While this can be a great way to scale up your business, it's also confusing and temperamental as it is developed. However, for those who want to get into the chatbot industry, there are several things you need to keep in mind. Constantly ask for feedback.

Without constant feedback, it won't be easy to ascertain which direction you should move in. Before diving headfirst into a chatbot, ask yourself if you're willing to invest the time and money in this project? Is it something that can be done for free, or do you have the means? What kind of time frame are you looking at? Are you looking for a long-term solution or something that can be developed overnight?

Don't mistake Chatbots with chat rooms. A lot of people think the latter is what they can do without even having any prior knowledge of the technology.

If you're looking for an expert in this area, whether it's an in-house chatbot or something more complex like a brand ambassador robot, these are some of your best options out there.

List of the Top Chatbot Development Companies:

  1. Auxano Global Services
  2. Consagous Technologies
  3. Panaceatek
  4. BeMobile
  5. Cleveroad
  6. The Intellify
  7. Tallan
  8. ITgenerator
  9. 10Clouds
  10. Bvblogic

1.Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services provide highly scalable and concurrent load handling chatbot solutions which cater the need of startups as well as large enterprise. We support a customer in complete life cycle of project from conversation design to after-live supervised & unsupervised learning of bot. our highly refined and AI powered chatbots will warmly greet your website visitors, automatically route chats to the concerned departments, help users get through troubleshooting processes and much more.

2.Consagous Technologies

Founded in the year 2008, Consagous Technologies is a leading Web & Mobile App Development Company in the USA and India, with its headquarters in Indore. The Company has a great reputation in providing impeccable IT solutions to businesses of every scale across the globe. Consagous is an established company ranked as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US by Clutch, App Futura, and GoodFirms.

3. Panaceatek

Panacea Infotech is a leading ISO 9001 and 27001 certified IT service provider proficient in web design, web development, custom software and mobile app development. With a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, the company is a trusted ally for hundreds of organizations. The company provides a wide range of IT services to diverse industry sectors including ecommerce, retail, BFSI, real estate, fashion & tailoring, Food & restaurants, hospitality and so on.

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Hire Best Chatbot Developers | Best Chatbot Development Companies 2021
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How to make Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence and AI powered chatbot

The utilization of Artificial Intelligence in business is a cause of smart systems that help make optimized business decisions or help offer a personalized user experience to customers. The most popular manifestation of the latter, in recent years, has been the AI-driven Chatbot. Let us take a look into the important aspects of AI Chatbots and How they are built.

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How to make Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence and AI powered chatbot
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ABCs of Building a Chatbot for your business

Chatbots application has the power to generate leads for any business but developing a right custom chatbot application is crucial. In this blog we have compiled All you need to know, How to build a chatbot Application.

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ABCs of Building a Chatbot for your business
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How AI-based chat-bots prove to be an effective tech tool in fighting Covid-19 Pandemic

After the pandemic, several chatbots have been made for information sharing. With AI-based technologies continuing to dominate the technology front, it will be essential to include chatbot technology as one of the chief drivers of quality measures. Check out this blog to know how AI-based chat-bots prove to be an effective tech tool in fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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How AI-based chat-bots prove to be an effective tech tool in fighting Covid-19 Pandemic
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How AI-based Chatbots prove to be an effective tech tool in fighting the COVID-19 Pandemi

COVID-19 has taken over and tightened its grip on most of the world. Social distancing and precautions are the constant warnings issued to everyone. With technology always able to ease things in the process, a pandemic can result in the weakening of several links in the economy. Many nations have issued nation-wide lockdowns rendering and weakening economies posing challenges at every step not just for the administration but also for the people under lockdowns.

With AI-based technologies continuing to dominate the technology front, it will be essential to include chatbot technology as one of the chief drivers of quality measures. After the pandemic, several chatbots have been made for information sharing. Healthcare industry by collaborating with software development companies have already developed several online symptom checking tools that would screen patients. The use of chatbots powered by AI helps patients to stay where they are instead of rushing to hospitals and posing serious health risks afterward.

Why the role of ICT is important****

Technology has indeed eased the manner in which this crisis can be handled, but it is also a startling revelation that technology is also used for spreading misinformation about the entire episode panicking people even more. There is a huge lack of awareness among people especially with respect to following precautions. The biggest challenge is exchanging information in these times and also to identify which is try and which is not. Other challenges are -

  • Poor network connectivity: It is true that there are several countries that have not moved beyond the 2G network connection while there are others who have already embraced the 5G technology. The novel coronavirus is a new spread and even the biggest of medical practitioners are discovering new facts about the spread. To make people aware of these updates can be a challenge in a land where internet connectivity is poor.
  • There is a huge lack of authentic information sources when it comes to the spread.
  • A huge dearth of dedicated human resources to rest the apprehensions of people is still an ongoing battle.

The ICT community has started working on several projects in alliance with the local, state and national governments and brought about a barrage of chatbot technologies, telemedicine and big data for pooling in information and making diagnosis per user. ICT has indeed revealed its powerful tools. Some shining examples are

  • Robots used in the Hunan Province to measure body temperature and also a recording of all the relevant data.
  • 98point6 in Seattle has also begun offering virtual tours while the patient chats with the bot.
  • France also has brought about the Doctolib that helps people to get medical appointments in the form of teleconsultation.

Unquestionable effectiveness of Chatbots****

There has been an onslaught of chatbots in action chiefly because they have several advantages to offer like

  • Updating information on the bot is extremely convenient. The real-time numbers are ever-changing and it is important for the bots to update that information so that truthful information is transmitted.
  • It is very important at this juncture that hospitals and health centers are not overcrowded. Even for the slightest of the flu people are flocking to the hospitals but with bots, and its interaction is saving the hospitals from huge inundation of people.
  • Interacting with bots is absolutely stress-free and designing a custom chatbot is easy to build and get built.


How countries and organizations are using AI-based chatbots?**

CDC’s chatbot

Witnessing the turmoil in the entire world, CDC has gone a step ahead and launched a bot that provides self-checking tools to see if your symptoms are to be taken seriously. It also provides information on community mitigations, precautions and also the plan of action based on the data set so generated about an individual user.

WHO health alert on Whatsapp

The primary organization WHO also has launched a messaging solution in multi-languages including French, Spanish and English to keep the awareness ticket moving with updated information, real-time cases reported and recovery rates.

Germany’s Fight Covid messenger bot

The German government also held a hackathon for people to generate solutions on COVID-19 issues. FightCovid messenger offers a seamless and flawless chat experience with numerous functionalities like the symptom checker.

Argentina’s National Health Ministry Bot

The national health ministry bot of Argentina has also shared many tips on self-isolation, school closures, and travel restrictions. It offers a great source of local news are people are not aware of what is happening owing to the lockdown.

Go Sky’s AI-based bot from Taiwan

Go Sky AI also built a messenger for Taiwanese local residents. It shares a useful load of information and statistics from WHO and other reputable sources plus features of pharmacy research.

India’s Bot experience

Whatsapp has also created a bot for the Government to create awareness about the pandemic. Social media platforms have been explored to the hilt for controlling the spread and ensuring misinformation is not spread.

Bangladesh’s messenger bot

Sajida foundation based in Bangladesh has proactively taken an all-round assessment of the situation. It has offered many tips for prevention and also how they can check their symptoms. To ensure that people do not panic, active psychologists also have been actioned to provide emotional counsellings.


It is important to understand that undue panic will only aggravate the situation. These bots add a lease of life because they help people rest their fears while they are indoors. Chatbot technology indeed has been a blessing which has helped in the toughest of the situation by replicating human intelligence to a great extent.

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How AI-based Chatbots prove to be an effective tech tool in fighting the COVID-19  Pandemi
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How AI-Based Chatbots are Effective Tech Tool in handling the COVID Pandemic | Chapter 247

Public health companies have rapidly deployed online symptom checking like tools like AI-Chatbots that would screen patients for even the slightest signs of COVID-19. Explore here, how Al-Chatbots are helpful for answering COVID pandemic’s doubts and questions.

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How AI-Based Chatbots are Effective Tech Tool in handling the COVID Pandemic | Chapter 247
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sannidhya blr


Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence - Future of Digital Learning

Emerging technologies have called in for a reformation in the education sector big time. Traditional tools of learning are getting replaced with tools that are enabled by the power of technology. Prominent education enterprises have switched to AI embedded tools to provide its students with the benefit of digital learning.

The amalgamation of learning with novel technologies should be a must-inclusion rather than a choice. Digital learning comes with a bundle of advantages like flexibility, accessibility and affordability. Many organizations have now integrated digital training into their employee development program because it is cheaper, is engaging and also helps in employee retention.

From a business perspective, the Digital learning market has indeed taken rapid strides. As per the reports from Stratistics MRC, the global digital learning market reached $165.21 billion in 2015. The prediction of this figure is bound to expedite by reaching $275.10 billion in 2022.


Why AI based chatbots?**

With AI based chatbots, bots have become smart and intelligent enough to tackle complex issues. Conversations have become interesting, engaging and to the point. Chatbots also learn from every conversation. The older the archives are for the conversation, the better the chatbot functions in improving its productivity and response. It also helps companies understand what customer needs and their choice.

If AI is not embedded in your chatbot, it is no better than an online FAQ. With sentiment and intent analysis now in the picture, chatbots are able to make intelligent observations thanks to ML and DL. The diagram below will depict the differences between chatbot with and without AI.


Essentials of AI-enabled chatbots in digital learning**

According to a study by Fosway Group on ‘Digital Learning Realities Research and Learning Technologies’, digital learning is mainly required on the mobile platform and the ability to research and extract deep learning are the key requirements.

Keeping this in mind let us see its essentials:

1. Conversation-focused: Digital learning designs and structures will swivel from programmed responses to fixed commands to chatbots that interact in a manner as good as humans do it. With the help of NLP, AI will ask its learners what sort of help they need and then discern from those interactions so that the AI based chatbots can help learners proactively.

Creating these chatbots on PHP frameworks is very cheap because it is open-sourced and has abundant libraries to work with API. JavaScript frameworks like ReactJs also provide high-level features which your bots will need. I

2. AI- focussed: AI enabled chatbots also help deliver experience based on past chats. With ML and deep learning embedded chatbot also takes note of the requirement of learners by inferring from context and content.

3. Ubiquitous learning: Chatbot development companies will ensure that developers create platforms that can function:

  • Across all devices including laptops, tablets, phones and wearable devices.
  • At any location because learning should not be geographically restricted.
  • In multiple nodes like hand-scripting, speech and keyboard.
  • On the basis of demand rather than a rigid schedule.
  • With its omnipresence chatbots becomes a very convenient facet to digital learning which is lacking nowadays.
  1. Proactive learning: Chatbot with AI enable learners to learn effectively. Over a period of time chatbots can understand the preferences of learners. They can then proactively simplify, sequence and recommend content based on the learning capacity of the students.


Chatbots as Digital learning tools**

For learners and trainers, AI enabled chatbots present a world of opportunities.

To explain with an instance, LMS Software today initiated the concept of learn-as-you-like. This means that learning is important and if learning happens in the manner a student desires, then the content can be accessed anywhere on any platform. For doubts raised students can get instant reply through the message interfaces that the chatbot offers.

With chatbot technology learning and development also has switched to a one-on-one teaching methodology making interactive learning in a dialogue format with the device. Chatbots also function as Virtual teaching assistants with the support of content in the form of links, images and videos.

Chatbots usually:

  • Concentrate on a distinct use-case
  • Provide a service
  • Use natural language to perform a task
  • Focus on answering specific types of questions
  • Contextual chatbots provide intelligent answers because they know what customers want.
  • Are more intuitive than applications that you have never used before and they cruise between screens/tabs/menus/etc.
  • Once a conversation comes to a point where the chatbot does not know what to do it will either attempt to deflect the conversation or switch the conversation over to a real person with the human-take over feature.


How can AI-powered chatbots provide a personalized digital learning experience**

AI leverages learning speed and applies instructional approach towards education programs. Chatbots with AI are proficient in resolving customer queries thereby increasing the speed of learning. Learners can study at their own pace irrespective of how they study.

Through AI students can also get personalized online tutoring like Chemistry Guru outside the classroom. When the students get an assignment they can reinforce their skills because AI provides additional tools to complete your learning successfully.

Duolingo’s chatbot is a riveting example of how digital assistants can help to generate interactive learning experiences. Learners can have interactions with different bots, each with offbeat personality traits and likes.

AI based Chatbots in organizational training and development - The future ahead
The full potential of chatbots are yet in the exploration mode. In recruitment, selection and training, chatbots can be used to improve workflow. In 2020 it is estimated that chatbots will perform a major role in the HR operations of organizations. Chatbots with AI will have a major role to play as an interface between staff and database. Thanks to these technologies, organizations also will save costs due to lower human involvement.


What is the future?**

AI infused chatbots are beginning to share a symbiotic relationship with the learning methodologies. With optimum use of technology and human mind, AI enabled chatbots can serve as a futuristic platform to guide the students towards a brighter direction.

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Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence - Future of Digital Learning