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Python Firebase auth (Sign up with email / password)

Check Python firebase authentication Definitive guide (2021) for the full tutorial.

To create a new user account on firebase Auth using python you need to send a POST request to this URL

then if the registration succeeded we will get a token to use it later.

Don't panic it's all easy

This is how you do it in python using requests module.


import requests

apikey='.....................'# the web api key

def NewUser(email,password):
        'returnSecureToken': True
    # send post request'{}'.format(apikey),data=details)
    #check for errors in result
    if 'error' in r.json().keys():
        return {'status':'error','message':r.json()['error']['message']}
    #if the registration succeeded
    if 'idToken' in r.json().keys() :
            return {'status':'success','idToken':r.json()['idToken']}

Now this is simple all you have to do is call the function like this :


NewUser('','password')# use the email and the password


You will get something like this if everything is okay :


{'status': 'success',
 'idToken': 'eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsImtpZCI6IjkwMDk1YmM2ZGM2ZDY3NzkxZDdkYTFlZWIxYTU1OWEzZDViMmM0ODYiLCJ0eXAiOiJKV1QifQ.eyJpc3MiOiJodHRwczovL3NlY3VyZXRva2VuLmdvb2dsZS5jb20vaGFja2Vybm9vbi1hcHAiLCJhdWQiOiJoYWNrZXJub29uLWFwcCIsImF1dGhfdGltZSI6MTYzMDA4NTAwOSwidXNlcl9pZCI6Ilk0Q3luTHFVNVRRZGRSSE52MDRzWU54ZWFpdTIiL'}



{'status': 'error', 'message': 'EMAIL_EXISTS'}

it means that the email already registered.

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Marisol Kuhic


Flutter Internet Connectivity | Check Internet connection

Check whether there is an #Internet #connection available on #Flutter app
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Flutter Internet Connectivity | Check Internet connection

How To Check RAM And CPU Usage In Laravel

Hello All,

In this small tutorial i will show you How To Check RAM And CPU usage In Laravel in ubuntu OS. many time we require to check how much RAM and CPU usage of consumption in server if we have not code then we need to check manually every time , so here i will give you example with code So you can get data of RAM and CPU usage in your adminpanel.

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How To Check RAM And CPU Usage In Laravel
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Brain Crist


Spell Check Your Comments in Visual Studio

While I’m opposed to writing comments in code, even I recognize the value of comments placed on a class or method declaration (I’m excluding properties because most don’t require commenting). Presumably, if you’re writing these comments it’s with the hope that someone will, someday, read them … and it would be awfully embarrassing if you misspelled things in those comments.

If that sounds like a problem worth addressing, go to Visual Studio’s Tools menu and select the Extensions and Update menu choice. In the resulting dialog, select Online from the tabs on the left and enter “Spell Check” (with the space in the middle) in the search box. You’ll get a list of spell checkers that you can add to your applications but, in Visual Studio 2017, you’ll also get Eric Woodruff’s Visual Studio Spell Checker. It’s an extension of an earlier spell checker for Visual Studio (and that earlier version is still available through GitHub if you don’t find it in Extensions and Updates).

After downloading the extension, you’ll need to shut down Visual Studio and wait patiently for Visual Studio’s installer to appear. Clicking the Modify button in the installer window will install Spell Checker. Once you restart Visual Studio, you’ll find a new Spell Checker choice on Visual Studio’s Tools menu with a sub-menu containing lots of options.

If you pick the option to spell check your whole solution, then you’ll find that Spell Checker checks all comments and all strings – probably finding more errors than you care to do anything about (for example, I wouldn’t consider “App.config” in a comment to be an error). Fortunately, you can train Spell Checker to ignore words (like, for example, “App.config”) or configure what Spell Checker checks (through Tools > Spell Checker > Edit Global Configuration).

You can find it more about Spell Checker here. It would be a shame if some later programmer thought less of you because you spelled something wrang.

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Spell Check Your Comments in Visual Studio