Commonly Printing Process of Hardcover Book Cover

How to choose a powerful and reliable book printing factory from many china printing enterprises? How to choose a powerful and reliable book printing factory from many china printing enterprises? You don't have to worry about finding a good book p...

Bug Parade: NSA Warns on Cresting China-Backed Cyberattacks

Bug Parade: NSA Warns on Cresting China-Backed Cyberattacks. The Feds have published a Top 25 exploits list, rife with big names like BlueKeep, Zerologon and other notorious security vulnerabilities.

Artificial Intelligence in Research: Where do China and USA stand?

The state of Artificial intelligence in research and funding sector varies vastly for every nation. Center for Data Innovation states that China and USA are leading in this AI race, followed by European Union.

Who Will Win The AI Race? EU, China, Or US?

While China has made quantum leaps in AI in the last couple of years, the US still holds the pole position.

Recent Use Of AI In 5G Shows Why It's Hard to Shun China In Tech

The US and its allies have been at loggerheads with China over the progress it made in 5G and other emerging technologies.

Explained: The Factors Behind China’s IoT Ascendancy

The country had launched the Made in China 2025 initiative in 2015 -- modelled on Germany’s Industrie 4.0 and aimed at boosting the country’s IoT manufacturing.

China To Roll Out Beta Version Of Its Digital Currency In 2021

CBDCs have the potential to put a dent on the business of foreign players like Visa and Mastercard in the $27 trillion payments market in China.

China Demonstrate World's Largest Stable QKD Network

Quantum communication uses photons to securely distribute a “secret key” to allow the exchange of encrypted messages.

Cyberflunk 2020, Big Tech Ad-versity And More In This Week’s Top Tech News

Cyberpunk was met with a worst possible reception. Avid gamers and even Elon Musk trolled the gaming studio for glitches in the game.

How Can India Trump China In Higher Education Reforms For AI

comparative analysis between the two in terms of higher education reforms for the development of artificial intelligence and its research

Bite-Sized Tips To Make Chinese Full-Text Search

In this article, we will go through the main difficulties of full-text search implementation for CJK languages and how to overcome them with the help of Manticore Search.

APT41 Operatives Indicted as Sophisticated Hacking Activity Continues

Five alleged members of the China-linked advanced threat group and two associates have been indicted by a Federal grand jury, on dozens of charges.

Hackers Continue Cyberattacks Against Vatican, Catholic Orgs

The China-linked threat group RedDelta has continued to launch cyberattacks against Catholic institutions since May 2020 until as recently as last week.

TikTok Fiasco: Just Another Shot By US Tech Giants At Cloud Dominance

In April, Oracle cloud services were chosen by Zoom, whose traffic increased dramatically during pandemic. Now with the TikTok partnership..

China’s Global Initiatives, AI Fighter Pilots & More In This Week's Top News

China has finally decided that it is not going to bow down and have announced global initiative while slowing down the lucrative deal

China's Export Restriction List: Which Technologies Included And Why?

China has revised its exports restrictions list for the first time in 12 years. China’s new restrictions on exports include a bunch of deep technologies, including AI, drone, satellite and cybersecurity.

Shoring Up the 2020 Election: Secure Vote Tallies Aren’t the Problem

With many in the public sphere warning about a potential compromise of the integrity of the Presidential Election, security researchers instead flag online resources and influence campaigns as the biggest problem areas.

The U.S. Crackdown on Chinese American Researchers Endangers

Shortly after dawn on May 21, 2015, FBI agents came to physicist Xiaoxing Xi’s front door with guns drawn and a battering ram for backup.

This is the Reason why China Will Dominate the AI Race

This Is the Reason Why China Will Dominate the AI Race. The US might be leading the AI race today, but China is taking measures to quickly catch up.

How the Big Tech in US and China Powers Their Search

Firstly, I work primarily in the NLP and Search Relevance space as a Data Scientist, and I have always wanted to share some of the findings that I find beneficial along the way.