ClickHouse Nails Cost Efficiency Challenge Against Druid and Rockset

ClickHouse Nails Cost Efficiency Challenge Against Druid and Rockset. We find ClickHouse is six times faster than Druid and four times faster than Rockset while using a cheaper AWS setup.

ClickHouse Is Apache 2.0: Commitment to Open-Source Licensing

Apache 2.0 is the key to enabling a new generation of analytic applications based on ClickHouse. We believe that the Apache 2.0 license is the most appropriate for our users. It's also the surest way to make ClickHouse the world's most famous SQL data warehouse. Our viewpoint is influenced by a number of factors.

Getting to the Core: Benchmarking Cloudflare’s Latest Server Hardware

Getting to the Core: Benchmarking Cloudflare's Latest Server Hardware ... As a big Cloudflare fan, I was hyped to hear they were deploying Epyc. I didn't know ... A refresh of the hardware that Cloudflare uses to run analytics provided big efficiency improvements.

How to Install and Configure ClickHouse on Ubuntu 20.04

In this tutorial, we discovered many aspects of ClickHouse. We learned how it operates, when it can be used, and under what conditions it is useful. We figured out how to set up a key, a repository, and then the ClickHouse app.

Recent troubleshooting cases from our SREs, part 2

Kafka & Docker, ZooKeeper & ClickHouse, faulty hardware for K8s, PostgreSQL. The container-based systems gradually become an industry standard, and many tools have already taken root in this environment.

ClickHouse and MySQL | Better

It’s been a while since I wrote about ClickHouse, there are a lot of new features that are worth mentioning, and for this, I recommend to follow the Altinity Blog but today I want to look at the improved integration of ClickHouse and MySQL.