Improving the performance of the recursive Fibonacci implementation using closures

In this article, we will develop a solution in Javascript using recursion, and we will improve its performance using closures.

Closures and Lexical Scoping in JavaScript

Variables in JavaScript have two types of scoping i.e. Local and Global scope. If any variable is declared inside a function, then it is a local variable and if the variable is declared outside the function then it is global variable. The scope of variables is defined by their position in the code.

JavaScript closure in plain language and one practical real-world example

It is a JavaScript feature that allows a function to access its outer function scope. Sounds complicated?

Still, Confused? var or let in Javascript

Are you still thinking about whether to use var or let in javascript? Let me show you a comparison chart of why let makes more sense and how you could avoid potential issues by making use of let. Still, Confused? var or let in Javascript. But as Javascript evolved, there were some potential issues popping up which needed some modifications in the current way of development.

A practical example of Javascript closures

Closures are something that many companies would like you to know before working for them, therefore, Most developers today, know about closures in Javascript. Don’t be sad if you don’t, it’s not something you generally use on your every-day work (well, you may, but it’s not so common).

JavaScript Basics Series: Closure

This important concept explained with simple examples. JavaScript Basics is a series that explore some core concepts that every frontend software engineer should understand.

Closure on Loop Variables — C# and JavaScript Comparison

Subtle differences with closure on loop variables in different programming languages (C# and JavaScript as examples). Closure is not a new concept. It was first introduced in the 1970s and is now available in most of the programming languages. I am sure most developers are familiar with it and use it on a regular basis. Here are some quick tests to check our understandings — can you tell the output for the four cases below in JavaScript and C#.

Filtering an Array of Nested Objects Using Angular Pipes

filter is the selector of the FilterPipe which we shall implement to achieve the search functionality. We are passing 2 arguments to the pipe: The users array and the searchTerm entered in the textbox.

A Goroutines Gotcha

Goroutines are a simple and lightweight concurrency mechanism that is very popular among Golang developers. It is common for Golang programmers to leverage Goroutine semantics to achieve program execution efficiency through parallelism.

6 Things to Know to Master Python Closures

Closures can be tricky.Mastering a programming language takes a considerable amount of time. It may just take you a couple of months to understand the basic data structures and control flow, and to perform certain operations with functions. Most of these basics are very straightforward and can be understood with simple code examples. The following example shows you how we can understand the basic elements of a function call in Python.

Quick Wins With Code: Closures in JavaScript

What is a closure in JavaScript? Why do closures matter? How do you use closures?

A Real time Example of JavaScript closure

We all know in JavaScript it's a very common question asked several times , what is closure? can you give a real time example of that?

Closures with examples

Closure. Consider the following code example: function makeFunc() { var name = 'Mozilla'; function displayName() { alert(name); } return displayName; } var myFunc = makeFunc(); myFunc(); Running this code has exactly the same effect as the previous example of the init() function above

Create a class instance (without a Class) from a function in Swift

This short blog was inspired when I was watching an MIT/GNU Scheme tutorial on Youtube and thought to convert Scheme code example into

Understanding Closures in JavaScript

Closure is one of most important and core concepts in JavaScript. With Closures we can achieve memoization

Rodrigo Senra - Jupyter Notebooks

Rodrigo Senra - Jupyter Notebooks - Olá pessoal e sejam bem-vindos à mais um episódio do Castálio Podcast! Nosso convidado de hoje é diretor técnico na Work & Co, PhD em Ciências da Computação, já contribuiu com inúmeros projetos open source em Python, ajudou a fundar a Associação Python Brasil e já foi premiado com o Prêmio …