Cloud Computing For Small Business | Cloud Solutions For SMEs

cloud computing means storing data and programs over the internet.In this blog know how SME's can benefit from data monitoring in the cloud.Hire Cloud Developers.

How Cloud Technology Reduces your App Development Cost? -

Learn about the positive impact of cloud computing on mobile app development, and how it will help reduce your app development cost.

Seven Steps for Migrating Sensitive Data to the Cloud: A Guide for Data Teams

Seven Steps for Migrating Sensitive Data to the Cloud: A Guide for Data Teams. Cloud migration requires a careful planning process to ensure all systems work as they should. Use this checklist, sponsored by Immuta and TDWI, to learn seven best practices for data teams migrating sensitive data to the cloud.

Scaling the Challenges of HPC through Big Data and Cloud Offerings

Scaling the Challenges of HPC through Big Data and Cloud Offerings. HPC today requires big data analytics and cloud platforms to boost its offering to businesses and research organizations. And this is going to grow in demand beyond into the post COVID world.

Is the cloud for you? Risks and benefits of cloud computing

Cloud is the future your company probably won't escape. Be ready now and learn how to handle it so you only reap the benefits of cloud computing.

How to Reduce Amazon S3 Costs

Learn all the strategies to reduce Amazon S3 costs. This article is part of our AWS cost reduction series.

The Ultimate Guide to AWS Step Functions

Find out everything about AWS Step Functions, what they are used for, how to use them, and the advantages or disadvantages that they bring.

Cartoon: Cloud Dating

New KDnuggets cartoon looks at how AI can transform love and romance.

Stimulating Business Possibilities by Leveraging Intelligent Edge

Stimulating Business Possibilities by Leveraging Intelligent Edge. The Intelligent Edge is a combination of computing power, AI technology, data analytics and advanced connectivity which quickly acts on data closer to where it is captured.

Cloud Data Warehouse - The Road to the Future

As businesses come up with new plans and products, data warehouses begin to play even a more important role in the process. As we move ahead into the future, cloud data warehouses will be the only data storage and data processing units remaining.

Terraform vs Ansible: Key Differences Between Terraform and Ansible

Terraform vs Ansible: Check out the key differences between Terraform and Ansible in our comparison blog on these Infrastructure as Code Tools in DevOps.

The Third Wave of Open Source Migration

Is open source recession-proof? History has shown that open source is a powerful weapon to navigate a global downturn.

DevOps and SRE, Chapter 4: Explaining It To Business Management Executives

Why the collection of practices that today we know as DevOps and SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) are becoming the norm for modern systems management.

From Cloud to Cloudlets: a New Approach to Data Processing?

From Cloud to Cloudlets: a New Approach to Data Processing? In this article, we’ll look at the rise of cloudlets: what they are, the challenges they present, and whether they are a more viable way of networking devices than the clouds we’ve grown used to

AWS Careers: How to Start a Career in Amazon Web Services?

Looking to pursue a career in AWS? Read our blog on AWS Careers that will assist you to choose from different career options and help follow your career path.

Azure Spring Cloud: A Comprehensive Overview

In this article, you will learn about Azure Spring Cloud and its main features quickly and with ease, through a very down-to-earth approach.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam Preparation Guide

Our AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional exam preparation guide will help you prepare for the DOP-C01 exam and become an AWS certified DevOps engineer.

Real-time Analytics News Roundup for Week Ending October 3

Amazon announces general availability of its new time series database for IoT and VMware rolls out new features for its Virtual Cloud Network offering.

The Ultimate Guide to AWS DynamoDB

Everything you need to know about AWS DynamoDB, including pricing, set up, queries, scans and more to help you reap all of its benefits.

The Complete AWS Lambda Handbook for Beginners (Part 2)

In this post, we’ll look at AWS Lambda pricing, some interesting Lambda facts and examples of great AWS Lambda use cases in your serverless application.