Cloudflare Announces WordPress Caching - Free to $5/month

Five dollars a month is a modest price to pay for improvements in speed, regardless if the WordPress site is a WooCommerce online shop or an informational site dependent on ad clicks. Speeding up a site is associated with higher sales and clicks, which means the service could more than pay for itself.

Le framework des CloudFlare Workers

Le framework des CloudFlare Workers. Découvrons comment utiliser Worktop afin de créer des API REST depuis les CloudFlare Workers comme si notre code était exécuté par Express ou Fastify.

What is Cloudflare SSL Certificate & How to Install CloudFlare SSL?

Cloudflare SSL Certificate is one of the best FREE SSL certificate. In this blog, you'll learn about this FREE Cloudflare SSL & How to Install it.

How to Auto-Deploy Your React Apps with Cloudflare Pages

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to very quickly deploy any React application with the help of Cloudflare pages.

Deno 1.9 リリース | Cloudflare Pages リリース | GitHub CLIでactionsが使えるように | AWS CloudFormationのTSサポート 【ニュース】

Deno 1.9 リリース | Cloudflare Pages リリース | GitHub CLIでactionsが使えるように | AWS CloudFormationのTSサポート 【ニュース】

Free website hosting on Cloudflare with GitHub CD hooked up

In this great video, we are looking at my setup of Notella app, which is hosted for free at Cloudflare.

Cloudflare Pages Tutorial - Deploy Your Static Site in ~90 Seconds

Want to know how to deploy your site in ~90 seconds? Well, Cloudflare just released a new product called Cloudflare pages where you can easily host your static site. In just a minute or two, you can connect Cloudflare to your Github repository, specify a build command, and have your fully deployed.

The Future Of Serverless Stateful Apps - Cloudflare Durable Objects

Cloudflare durable objects is a new tech enabling the power of serverful apps in a serverless environment. In this video, let's explore exactly how cloudflare durable objects work and how they are going to change the industry.

Reading CloudFlare Headers in a Django Middleware

For my new Django project, [DB Buddy](, I’m using CloudFlare as my CDN. It has a bunch of useful features that would otherwise take extra work, such as DDoS protection, HTML minification, and analytics. Since CDN’s proxy...

How to Implement Secure Headers using Cloudflare Workers?

Learn how to Implement Secure Headers using Cloudflare Workers? A step-by-step guide to implementing secure HTTP headers on websites powered by Cloudflare using Cloudflare Workers. There are many ways to implement HTTP.

How I Automated the Boring with JavaScript, Cloudflare Workers, and Airtable

I'll show you how I automated part of my newsletter by using JavaScript, Cloudflare Workers, and Airtable. Cloudflare Workers is a serverless platform running on the edge, that lets you create new apps or augment existing ones without configuring or maintaining infrastructure. In this tutorial, you'll see how I tested my workers locally and then published them on the Cloudflare CDN across the world using the Wrangler CLI. The best part with Cloudflare Workers is that there is no cold start time, so they are incredibly fast!

Deploy Next.js to Cloudflare Pages - Cloudflare Static Web Apps Tutorial

Learn how to use Cloudflare Pages to host and deploy static Next.js web apps. Using Create Next App to create a new Next.js app. Creating a new GitHub repository. Connecting a GitHub repository to Cloudflare Pages. Deploying a Next.js app to Cloudflare Pages. Cloudflare Deploy Previews with GitHub Pull Requests

Smart Routing with Cloudflare Workers and Webpack (extra credit) Serverless

Automatic Smart Routing for Cloudflare Workers simplifies routing and removes boilerplate. Currently each route is setup manually. This has been tedious and needs to change.

Serverless Guestbook with Cloudflare Workers

Learn how to create a serverless guestbook using Cloudflare Workers. In this stream, Kristian walks through: * Creating a new Workers project * Deploying the Workers project to Cloudflare * Building a template with Alpine.js * Creating a submission form with HTML and JavaScript * Using Cloudflare KV to store guestbook submissions

Key-Value Storage With Cloudflare Workers KV

Serverless key-value storage or KV provides an easy way to store / retrieve data for your Cloudflare Workers. Best of all, Cloudflare has recently introduced a FREE tier for KV!

Cloudflare Workers as a Web Server (with Webpack) serverless

Configuring Cloudflare Workers to work as a web server is pretty simple using the webpack project type. We can import HTML using Webpack html-loader plugin and serve pages based on custom routing.

Getting Started with Cloudflare Workers on The Edge

Cloudflare Workers are a similar to other serverless platform offerings, but at the Edge. Edge meaning your code is deployed and runs globally across many regions in the same way a CDN works for static content.

Cloudflare анонсировал поддержку gRPC

Поддержка нового протокола gRPC в Cloudflare подарит пользователям сервиса ряд преимуществ. Каких? Читайте в статье.

Rendering React on the Edge with Flareact and Cloudflare Workers

I'm excited to announce Flareact, a new open-source React framework built for Cloudflare Workers. With Flareact, you don't need to make the tradeoff between a static site and a dynamic application. Flareact allows you to render your React apps at the edge rather than on the server.

Keep your eyes open: How to avoid exposing your internal proxy

Prevent DDoS attacks by keeping your IP addresses private. As a starting point for discovering security breaches in your infrastructure, you can use some widely available services.