Drop-In CSS Transitions Library | Bypeople

Here’s a fantastic CSS library featuring 46 pre-built transitions that you can preview on their site. It is easy to set up and include in your projects. Find out more useful CSS animations.

HTML5 Web Window Library – Customizable

Check out this open-source web window library with an incredible performance that you can easily include in your projects. Find out more HTML UI tools.

CSS Depth Effect Utility

Blocks.css is a simple core of styles that you can use to add some sort of depth effect to your blocks and layouts. It supports theming as you can add your own CSS custom properties to modify the color and create something like a dark theme. Find out more CSS utilities here.

Minimal Spreadsheet JavaScript Editor

Importabular is a simple lightweight spreadsheet editor for you to add to your website that lets your users import their data from excel. It includes basic common features that you can expand by yourself.

Color Filters CSS Library

Check out this fantastic CSS only library supporting all modern browsers that you can use to apply color filters to your favorite photos on your project and can be used with any CSS framework as well. Explore also this online filter tool here.

Randomly Generated Avatars & Characters

An amazing tool that randomly creates avatars combining expressions, clothing, hairdos, and colors into billions of diverse special characters that you can include in your applications, projects, and games. Check out also this great avatars creation library here.

1000+ SVG Icons Library For Bootstrap

Check out the official open-source SVG icon library for Bootstrap designed to work with components, from form controls to navigation, and all icons can be styled with CSS. Find out more great Bootstrap resources here.

Interactive Credit Card Form

Interactive Credit Card Form. Check out this library that consists of creating an interactive credit card using just one line of code, very easy to customize. It uses just CSS and JavaScript, no images needed. Find out more libraries and code snippets here.

Vue Shopping UI Snippet

Vue Shopping UI Snippet. Check out this awesome code snippet featuring a shopping UI using Vue JS. It allows you to scroll among different products to add to your cart and increase the quantity if needed. Find out more shopping CSS snippets here.

knopf: Extensible CSS Button Library

Knopf.css is a useful CSS library designed for speedy prototyping and obtain production-ready applications. It includes a bunch of made components, and you can customize the styles to meet your design needs.

Grid.js: Advanced Table Plugin

Grid.js: Advanced Table Plugin - Grid.js is a professional and open-source HTML table plugin written in TypeScript. It works with most JavaScript frameworks, including React, Angular.js, Vue and VanillaJS. Find out more great javascript based table plugins here.

Mono-color: Dual-themed CSS Framework

Mono-color: Dual-themed CSS Framework . Mono-color is a small and simple CSS framework that comes with a dark and light theme and is very responsive and modern. It’s perfect for a blog or a documentation site and can be used for anything else as well. Based on Starveling and Lit, providing only necessary elements while still looking great and being customizable. Find out more great CSS frameworks here.