Python Code Review Checklist

Vital aspects of the code you should be checking in your reviews, the expectations you should have from those checks, and some ideas to help streamline the process.

5 JavaScript Static Analysis Tools

Static code analysis allows developers to improve the codebase's readability and consistency while finding possible bugs and anti-patterns.

Why Code Reviews Should Be Your Favorite Activity

Tips for being a better code reviewer, creating better pull requests, and accelerating with pull request analytics.

Effective Code Reviews: A Primer

Peer code reviews have increasingly been adopted by engineering teams around the world. Here are 6 tips to make the process better for teams.

Static Code Analysis: What It Is? How to Use It?

Static code analysis is a method of debugging by examining source code before a program is run. It's done by analyzing a set of code against a set (or multiple sets) of coding rules. Static code analysis and static analysis are often used interchangeably, along with source code analysis.

In the Search of Code Quality

Software development process being a convoluted interplay of technical, business, sociological and psychological forces makes it very hard to understand. This leads to a multitude of myths and hypes. Recent scientific research challenges many commonly held beliefs and intuitions.

How Monitors Performance In Serverless

In this interview, founder and CTO, Dillon Woods, discusses how they have overcome the challenge of monitoring performance in a serverless stack.

Book Review — Effective Python, by Brett Slatkin

Book Review — Effective Python, by Brett Slatkin. An overview of Effective Python, by Brett Slatkin (principal software engineer at Google), reveals 90 specific ways to write better Python code.

Looking Under the Hood of Apache Pulsar: How Good is the Code?

Apache Pulsar (incubating) is an enterprise-grade publish-subscribe (aka pub-sub) messaging system that was originally developed at Yahoo. Pulsar was first open-sourced in late 2016, and is now undergoing incubation under the auspices of the Apache Software Foundation.

Limitations of Linters—Is it Time to Level-Up?

Limitations of Linters—Is it Time to Level-Up? While linters have been around for a while and offer basic code checks, many developers are starting to ask for more comprehensive insights into their code.

GitHub Super Linter Helps Developers Ensure No Broken Code Is Merged

GitHub Super Linter Helps Developers Ensure No Broken Code Is Merged - GitHub Super Linter aims to automate the process of setting up your GitHub repositories so they will use the appropriate linter for your language whenever a pull request is created.

Front-End Development – A New Workflow To Improve Code Quality

Front-end development is one of the fastest evolving aspects of modern web development. It seems like there is a new framework or methodology every other week built to solve the issues around this relatively new technical area. In the dark ages...

Combining Gatling Reports

In this blog, we shall discuss about the report generation through Gatling and combining Gatling Reports. As you may already know, when we run a Gatling test the report gets generated automatically.

Keep Technical Debt And Code Quality Under Control

Keep Technical Debt And Code Quality Under Control - First of all, NDepend is a static analysis tool for .NET that can be integrated into Visual Studio (as an extension) or used as part of your continuous delivery pipeline.