Git Branch Naming Conventions

Git Branch Naming Conventions. Git branches are a powerful tool to organize ongoing work. Here's a simple git branch naming convention that takes care of most common use-cases. Use issue tracker IDs in branch names.

Common Python Security Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Being such a widely-used language makes Python a target for malicious hackers. Let's see a few ways to secure your Python apps and keep the black-hats at bay.

5 JavaScript Static Analysis Tools

Static code analysis allows developers to improve the codebase's readability and consistency while finding possible bugs and anti-patterns.

Effective Code Reviews: A Primer

Peer code reviews have increasingly been adopted by engineering teams around the world. Here are 6 tips to make the process better for teams.

Seven Advantages of In-IDE Code Reviews

When compared with code reviews using a Pull Request or a Merge Request as the primary driver of collaboration, In-IDE code reviews offer important advantages that result in higher author and reviewer satisfaction.