The Ultimate Guide To Hassle Free Bugs Fixing In Premium Python Projects By SonarCloud | Hacker Noon

Let's go over a few Bugs we found with SonarCloud and see why it is able to detect them when popular linters don't .

Side effects of inline if statements

Be nice to co-workers, and don’t deviate from the styling in the rest of the repository. Code formatters prevent disputes around code styles, helping pull/merge requests be limited to meaningful code comments. Teams can either agree on a formatting configuration, or use highly-opinionated tools like prettier, which leaves few options open for interpretation.

5 Ways to Improve Your Developer Team’s Code Quality

When developers come together from different angles to form a team, one issue usually arises — code quality. Here's a list of six things that can be done to improve code quality. ... software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently ... 5. Analyze Bugs. Having bugs in your code is probably inevitable.

How to tell if your code actually sucks...

There is no better moment for me than starting a brand new project. Everyone is afraid of adding or removing stuff. I guess we all have known at least one project that anyone wants to touch, or heard the phrase:.

6 Nontechnical Best Practices for Better Code Reviews

A list of little things you can do to make your code reviews smoother. Index Terms—Code review, non-technical factors, personal and ... aims to improve the quality of source code changes made ... practice the execution of this process can be affected by many different ... In this paper we considered the top five organizations con- ... for 18% of all developers and 6% of the patches in our data.

Don’t dynamically import code in a directory

Some developers are following a trend of importing code by directory in NodeJS using the fs module — find out why you shouldn’t. Dynamic imports using the fs module are not worth the complexity. A trick that saves 30 seconds could steal an hour from someone else ...

50 Quotes for Better Coding

A collection of quotes that coffee-to-code converters can enjoy. “You should name a variable using the same care with which you name a first-born child.” — Robert C. “A long descriptive name is better than a short enigmatic name. A long descriptive name is better than a long descriptive comment.”— “Code that communicates its purpose is very important.

Publish your N-UnitTest Results directly to Sonar Cloud Analysis

Publish your N-UnitTest Results directly to Sonar Cloud Analysis using Azure Build Pipeline. Introduction into Sonar Cloud, Azure Build Pipeline, and Unit Testing.

Top 10 C++ Open Source Project Bugs Found in 2019

Another year is drawing to an end, and it's a perfect time to make yourself a cup of coffee and reread the reviews of bugs collected across open-source projects over this year. This would take quite a while, of course, so we prepared this article to make it easier for you. Today we'll be recalling the most interesting dark spots that we came across in open-source C/C++ projects in 2019.

Functional Programming Techniques in Java with Examples

In this article, I will write about how to write code using Java’s API for functional programming. In the end, we will write our own stream API so we can understand how to implement a functional programming style in Java.

How To Use Nightwatch.js Framework For Test Automation

In this blog post, we will deep dive into a step by step Nightwatch JS tutorial to perform testing with Selenium and JavaScript for automated browser testing.

Stylelint — The CSS Cousin of ESLint

I first learned about Stylelint while browsing through Styled Components documentation. I wasn’t specifically looking for it but since I had just setup ESLint and Prettier in my codebase, I was intrigued. From there, I started researching Stylelint.


ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web application framework that was developed by Microsoft. It is mostly used for building dynamic websites and applications. It is free and a cross-platform framework. So, today we will be checking out the 11 most asked ASP.NET questions.

Simple Yet Effective Advice To Handle Large Releases with DevOps Effortlessly

When you start working on large scale enterprise systems, handling releases can become complex. You'll have to think about your front-end, microservices, third-party services, and other services. Making sure these things get deployed in the right order and pass integration tests can be tricky once you start working with asynchronous tasks.

A-Z Of DevOps: Managing Multiple Environments With The Help Of These Tools

In most DevOps settings you’ll find that there are multiple environments in the pipeline. You might have conditions that change the environment based on which branch was merged or when a branch is tagged for release. There are a number of reasons you want to have more than just a production environment, the biggest reason being testing.

How I dealt with over 30,000 ESLint errors

When I first learned about ESLint, I was incredibly excited to enable it for my codebase. I was eager to get all the benefits a codebase with ESLint enabled offered. However, this involved a fairly intensive migration to upgrade my codebase up to my ESLint configuration standard.

ESLint — A Proofreader for your Code

ESLint is Javascript’s linter. It works by analyzing your code and warning you if any configured rules are violated. These rules can detect suspicious or concerning coding quality or formatting issues.

Move Business Logic out of Application Using Hyperon Engine

Well-written multitier applications consist of multiple layers. The most widespread three-tier architecture divides our code into a presentation, business and data access tiers. Like it or not, but the business layer is where we, developers, spend the most time on a daily basis. This is the place where all processes and decisions our application depends on take place. Therefore, requirements for the business layer change more often than in any other layer. What hurts us, developers, most is that with every change, even the smallest ones, we need to recompile and rebuild our app. It usually takes a piece of the valuable time that we could use for more interesting things. What if we could move a business logic out of our code and let non-technician people change it?

How To Use Filter Pattern With Generic Lambda Expression

The filter and pipeline patterns can be optimized with code reduction using lambda expression(shortcuts for anonymous method) as concrete filter condition. To demonstrate concept, the sample WPF UI application was created. Here is Source code

What is Functional Programming?

Most of what I will discuss in this article is knowledge accumulated from reading, “Functional Programming in JavaScript”, by Luis Atencio. In simple terms, functional programming is a software development style that places a major emphasis on the use of functions.