Closing the Code Review Gap

Closing the Code Review Gap. Do you ever feel like it takes an eternity for your code reviewed. How can we make reviews faster? In an ideal world, we would branch, commit, review, pass the tests, gap and coding skills.

Never Leave the Terminal with These Git Log Features

Never Leave the Terminal with These Git Log Features. Commit messages are written once and read infinitely more. You never go back and change commit messages. Learn about original requirements for the code you are changing. Check why a file was changed recently. Which one of the last merges broke your master branch.

Reviewing The Worst Piece of Code Ever

We all made some mistakes. We all wrote some creepy piece of code, but we all can learn from those mistakes.

Performing a Code Review

Earlier today a user with the handle /aliezsid made a post on Reddit asking for a code review. I needed something to do for my cofee break…

Tips for Better Code Reviews

Code reviews are an important part of software development. They can help a team to reinforce and follow standards and best practices, help developers to optimize their code, and prevent bad or bugged code from being released. Here are some tips for approaching code reviews in a way that is more effective, productive, and conducive to collaboration. Tips to improve code reviews and the code review process. Tips for Better Code Reviews

Pragmatic Code Review driven by MoSCoW and FECE techniques

How to make code review in your team useful? Various techniques can bring code review to life and some of the effective ones are FECE and MoSCoW. ... If all advices given in a code review bring value, it is worth prioritizing expectations. MoSCoW is a technique well adapted in business analysis and project management. It also works in code review process.

4 Rules of Thumb for Providing Effective Code Review Feedback

The above is the worst case scenario for a code review. Each of the developers thinks the other will look at the code closely. The worst case scenario for a peer code review is when each developer ... 4 Rules of Thumb for Providing Effective Code Review Feedback.

Softagram - Making Code Reviews Humane

The story of Softagram is a long one and has many twists. Everything started in a small company long time ago, from the area of static analysis tools development. After many phases, Softagram is focusing on helping developers to get visual feedback on the code change: how is the software design evolving in the pull request under review.

6 Nontechnical Best Practices for Better Code Reviews

A list of little things you can do to make your code reviews smoother. Index Terms—Code review, non-technical factors, personal and ... aims to improve the quality of source code changes made ... practice the execution of this process can be affected by many different ... In this paper we considered the top five organizations con- ... for 18% of all developers and 6% of the patches in our data.

Iterate Faster With Automatic Code Review

In software development, code review is important for maintaining code quality. To help project maintainers implement code-review policies, GitHub provides a convenient approach, protected branch, which enforces pull requests to satisfy certain review policies before merging.

For secure code, maintainability matters

Author Robert Collier said that "Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out." That's especially true when it comes to security. Poor maintainability contributed to Heartbleed. To make the case for how maintainable code contributes to security, I'll start with the Heartbleed ...

The Complete Guide on How to Code Review

Best practices from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. The ultimate guide to code reviews - Edition I If you're looking for ways to complement qualitative judgement with data points to make better decisions, this book is for you. We've quizzed tens of thousands of developers about the software metrics they use the most. This is what we found.

My tips for .NET code-review

Code-review is important in our daily development. Let us check out some probable issues in .NET applications. Here are some tips from my recent code-review and I hope it would be helpful for you. Image for post. NullReferenceException series.

A Cleaner Code Case Study

I recently had a situation at work wherein a coworker tried to modify a JavaScript function that I had written and ended up introducing some bugs. In reviewing their code, it seemed that their main issue was in not fully understanding what the function was doing. I do, however, believe that it was my fault because the function was — frankly — poorly written to begin with.

How to write clean code ? follow these best practices for writing clean code

This article is not about some java related feature or concept but more than that . Basically I’m going to explain what all mistakes a java developer does while writing the code and hence how you can minimize it and you don’t have to refactor your code .So this article is about BEST PRACTICES a developer should always follow .

How to Ace Your Next Junior to Mid Level Software Engineering Interview

Speaking from the perspective of an interviewer

Get Your “Pull Request” Approved Faster

Like most noobs, I basically made all the mistakes I could which pushed reviewers impossible to allow it to be merged into the master branch.

The Other Reasons Code Reviews are a Good Idea

More than just catching bugs

How to use Git / GitHub with Jupyter Notebook

Git-101 for Jupyter notebook users!This is a Git-101 for Jupyter users that are not familiar with Git / GitHub. It’s a hands on tutorial & is meant to be comprehensive. Feel free to skip a section if you are already familiar with the steps. At the end you’ll be able to, Push your notebooks to a GitHub repository Start versioning your notebooks + learn how to revert to a specific notebook version

Dealing with code written by ‘The Others’

What do you feel when you read a poor piece of code? And more important, how do you consider the author? Respect makes a huge difference.