10 Female Software Developers Helpful Advice For New Devs

Currently, women only represent 27.5% of software developers globally (source at bottom of article). The software developer community has a long way to go to reach gender equality and one of the ways to do this is to help highlight female developers.

Learning Rust in Lockdown

The COVID19 lockdown has been a pretty challenging time for everyone. Staying sane without the social interactions we normally have can be difficult. I took the time to learn a new programming language. This served several purposes.

Code Trashing Symptom

There are a set of skills and qualities which make the ideal software developer we are all searching to be or searching for to employ. However, right now I am going to emphasize the importance of a quality that is mostly found in senior developers.

A Step-by-Step Introduction to CSS Preprocessors with VS Code

It is fun to build cool and good looking pages when you know CSS like the back of your hand. But when you have a few hundred lines of code, this is exactly when things begin to get complicated and messy. This is where CSS preprocessors come to play, helping you to manage and improve the maintainability of your code.

Once Upon a Time in Software Development

Some years ago, when I finished my studies. I worked in a small company with some friends and teammates. You know, it’s the common developer road: you studied a lot to pass algorithms class, math, sciences, and your deontology course to have ethics principles. At the end, some company hired you with a lot of promises about: good job, good salary and good opportunities for your career in software. Basically, it was the dream job after 4, 5, or 10 years of studies.