Fundamental JavaScript You Need to know

JavaScript a language which works in a multiple way and makes its self quite interesting by its multipurpose activity. In this post we will learn the basics of Javascript

Three Advantages of Writing Clean Code

Three Advantages of Writing Clean Code - There are two main things in the code of the Program. The first thing is to code a Program in the clean and best method. The second method is to do the code anyway and build a Program, however.

Installing and using ESLint on your existing JavaScript code

ESLINT helps to increase productivity, write your code according to standard and flag errors when your code base is breaking style guide…

3 Alternatives to If Statements to Make Your Python Code More Readable

In today's post we will talk about 3 Alternatives to If Statement to make your Python code more readable. Are you taking advantage of the features of Python that can help make your code make more sense?

Coding Practices in React

Let’s first be clear that this is not a post with all the best coding practices in React. It’s a post about some of the practices that I have learned over years of my experience while working with React. They might not be the best ones, but they surely add quality to the code written.

4 Things You Have to Unlearn to Become A Better Programmer

My partner recently enrolled in a virtual coding boot camp. As I watched her tackle her first programming lessons, I was surprised to find out how much of what I learned in school did not translate to work. In this article, we will identify four programming constructs that may have been foundational when you first discover how programming works–but will slow you down on the next leg of your journey.

Test-Driven Development — Build Completed Successfully, Let’s Deploy !!

Test Driven Development is not just a software development process, it’s a basic software hygiene.

Retaining and Passing Information States of Variables in Python

Retaining and Passing Information States of Variables in Python - State information plays a crucial role in many real-world programs. The state determines the usage of an entity(functions, classes…