Best Practices for Distributed Agile Teams

Learn best practices for distributed Agile teams and how to leverage app dev platforms to support collaboration. Teamwork and Collaboration. Teamwork and collaboration of distributed teams. When defining how best to help your Agile team adapt to working ...

How Modern Secure and Self-Hosted Messaging has Become a Cornerstone for Teams Worldwide

Modern, secure and self-hosted messaging has become a priority for work teams. Find out why Mattermost for Plesk Premium Email is exactly what they need.

Things I have learned working in Product teams. What benefits us and what affect us?

Things I have learned working in Product teams. What benefits us and what affect us?

A Manifesto for Live & Sharable Data

A Manifesto for Live & Sharable Data. In this blog, I’ll argue that — with recent advances in computer science — we can make improvements to this for many applications.

LatAm Banking Trojans Collaborate in Never-Before-Seen Effort

Virus Bulletin 2020 — A loose affiliation of cybercriminals are working together to author and distribute multiple families of banking trojans in Latin America – a collaborative effort that researchers say is highly unusual.

Unconventional AI: In the Beginning, Was the Chaos and the Chaos Was God

Unconventional AI: In the Beginning, Was the Chaos and the Chaos Was God. Soft skills are key success factors in Omdena projects and patience might be the first in the ranking.

Leading With Open Ended Questions

Leading With Open Ended Questions. How can we learn to lead with questions (and not answers), shift from giving advice to gaining insight, and from knowing to learning through others? Read more.

Why is Quick Dev Collaboration A Massive Headache?

COVID-19 has undoubtedly exacerbated the feeling, but who else thinks collaborating or merely communicating with your teammates on code is far from convenient, especially when it comes to quick problem resolution?

Working Together: How Designers and Developers Can Collaborate While Building Products

The success of your website or app strongly depends on the cooperation between the designers and the developers. It’s not about the professional skills of either group. You get a competent designer to make you a beautiful layout which you then pass on to an equally professional and experienced developer. Suddenly it turns out it can’t be realized without major changes!

The 8-Part Guide to Better Code Review Checklists

Find out how to improve your code review checklists with these 8 tips and tools. The 8-Part Guide to Better Code Review Checklists

Why “science-types” are so special, and why they’re not

How developers and non-developers complement each other. You ever happen to be talking to someone, trying to explain something to them.

First time working with developers

This first time of working with developers as a sole product designer is important to me because I only worked with other designers to push our boundaries before, and our ideas, concepts as well as designs sat in the drawer and didn’t go to implementation.

GitHub's OpenAPI Spec Open-Sourced in Beta

GitHub has open sourced an OpenAPI description of its API. Aimed to allow developers to discover the API capabilities first-hand, GitHub's OpenAPI also enables the programmatic creation of mock servers, test suites, and language bindings.

How to Code Review Effectively - The Seeley Coder

In order to maintain clean repositories as well as coach and mentor your team it is important that you learn how to code review effectively.

Black Hat 2020: Linux Spyware Stack Ties Together 5 Chinese APTs

The groups, all tied to the Winnti supply-chain specialist gang, were seen using the same Linux rootkit and backdoor combo.

How to Choose the Team Collaboration Software

Teams spread over remote locations as well as the office are increasingly in vogue. As the coronavirus pandemic spreads in 2020, it has also resulted in increased reliance on distributed teams. Let's learn How to Choose the Team Collaboration Software

Git With the Program — Quick Guide to Collaboration Using Git

Quick guide to the most powerful collaboration tool.Git is a distributed version control system (DVCS) primarily used for tracking changes to projects (files and source code) during the content development process. A good version control system is critical to the development and maintenance of business assets.

How to design for shitty software

Software design collaboration lies negotiation truth job career development bitter truth beginning nice frustration frustrated shit progiciel app

6 Barriers to Working in a Multi-disciplinary Team (and How to Address Them)

Here's some barriers to working in multi-disciplinary teams and how to address them: Barrier 1: Design is looped in last minute. Barrier 2: Miscommunication between disciplines. Barrier 3: Uneven foundation problem. Barrier 4: Curse of expertise. Barrier 5: “We don't need research” Barrier 6: Poor decision making

How to Create a GitHub Pull Request Using Mergefly

Let’s start by navigating to your repository on the Mergefly home page. While here, you can add repositories to your Favorites for faster future navigation.