The College Instructor's Guide to YouTube

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Best Schools For Robotics Engineering In India - Analytics India Magazine

Students fascinated by robots and are willing to understand the mechanism behind them, exploring a career in robotics engineering could be fruitful.

How Online Lectures Affects Me

Because of online classes, I can focus more on computer science, blockchain, networking, and many more activities from my computer. Even more, having more free time allowed me to focus more on things that are really important to my career development.

How college students are handling COVID-19

How college students are handling COVID-19. A step-by-step analysis for staying in the loop with the power of Natural Language Processing

IIS (Deemed to be University),Jaipur | Best Girls University

The [IIS University]( "IIS University") -[ Best Girls University in Jaipur]( " Best Girls University in Jaipur"), with its perfect amalgamation of innovation, inspiration and synergy, aims to be...

Building a Job Recommender for Non-Technical Business Roles via NLP and Machine Learning

In this post we will be using datasets hosted by Kaggle and considering the content-based approach, we will be building job recommendation. A tutorial for a NLP recommendation engine using unsupervised learning .

How Pandemic Has Affected College Scores: Analysis On Real Dataset

How Pandemic Has Affected College Scores: Analysis On Real Dataset. A deep dive into exploring my college scores and finding trends in it.

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My Path to Becoming a Software Developer

My story begins way back in the 2004–2005 school year at Rio Linda High School. I was taking two advanced placement (AP) classes: calculus and physics. I had phenomenal teachers: Mr. Bautista and Mr. Gavrilov. I’m pretty sure they could teach calculus and physics to a cat, Schrodinger's cat, that is.

Why I Didn’t go to College for Software Engineering

Did I make a mistake? The sounds of the keys clicked and clacked as I rushed my fingers across the laptop keyboard. I only had 30 seconds left.

Top 4 College Degrees for 2020

Top college degrees for 2020 (The most potential for the future!) When picking these various degrees, I always look towards the future, where is the country ...

Why the College You Go to Doesn’t Matter

This article is about a thorny issue in tech--compensation. Websites like Blind, Paysa, and have revealed numerous issues with how people in tech are paid, with the gender pay gap being the most well known.

College Rankings Are Unreliable

Let’s take a look at the data. College rankings fall short on an enticing promise. They take the ugly complexities of deciding where to study or teach and replace them with an illusion of objectivity.

How I Went From Cleaning Carpets to Writing Code

The steps I took to get my first software engineering internship.

Should Web Developers Use WordPress? | Hacker Noon

If you’re a web developer and you’re not sure if you should use WordPress for building websites or you should code them by yourself.

The Importance of Domain Experience in Data Science

Should leaders hire graduates of data science programs? Or up-skill existing employees?The data science valley of despair is real. Time after time, leaders who’re well-versed in case studies and industry research extolling the returns of data-driven insights seek to innovate their business

A college junior’s journey to Machine Learning : Career Switch

A college junior’s journey to Machine Learning : Career Switch. This first article will be about my college journey in the last two years, a freshman and a sophomore.

Is My Assignment Help Reliable?

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My Advice to Final Year Students in College

My Advice to Final Year Students in College - We know time’s are tough and getting a job in tech for those who are in college, seems like a tough nut to crack now.

What College Students Should Learn about Git

Start using git today so that someday you’ll become a git magician.