The Python Module That will revolutionise your Command Line skills

Save time avoiding the common mistakes beginners make when using the CLI .The python module that will revolutionise your Command Line skills

How to download YouTube Videos with Subtitles via Python

Download YouTube Videos via Command Line, Python or Google Colab

Exploring Go Libraries: Docopt

In this tutorial, we walk through basic concepts and help messages in Docopt. You’ll learn about a practical use case that you can code right now. Exploring Go Libraries: Docopt

Python Fire

Welcome to the Python Fire guide! Python Fire is a Python library that will turn any Python component into a command line interface with just a single call to Fire. Understanding Fire- a command-line interface generation library

How to Clean CSV Data at the Command Line

How to Clean CSV Data at the Command Line. An in-depth tutorial about cleaning COVID-19 CSV file using command-line programs: csvkit and xsv comparing the performance of each.

Improving Git Diffs

Default Git diffs are only colored line-by-line. Here are the tools that bring GitHub-style word-by-word highlighting to the command line.

Launch and Manage EC2 Instances Using AWS CLI

Here I show some of basic functions and setting up of AWS CLI in order to get started to work with it successfully.

How to Clean Text Files at the Command Line

A basic tutorial about cleaning data using command-line tools: tr, grep, sort, uniq, sort, awk, sed, and csvlook. I’m going to explain how you can clean your text files at the command line files by giving insights from a paper researching clickbait and non-clickbait data.

Creating a data scientists tool belt.

How to get your Python program out of the IDE and into your command line. The goal of this article is to give you a working knowledge of how to make a script executable from anywhere on your mac. This tutorial is going to touch on many different topics.

10 High Frequency Terminal Commands

Here I have listed some of the high frequency terminal command that you mush have to know. This list will enrich as days go on.

Penguins in Docker — A Tutorial on Why We Use Docker

A basic tutorial about docker and how to build a Dockerfile and mount a volume and run a docker image

How to Understand the Command Line

Just in case no one bothered to show you. Today, I want to talk about something that I feel many people are either downright afraid of or at least outright hate using: the command line.

Working With the Best Python IDEs.

I will discuss a step-by-step guide for using some of the top Python Integrated Development Environments/Code Editors: I. Google Colaboratory | II. Jupyter Notebook | III. Spyder. With a noteworthy guide for the feature of uploading Python code files to your Github account.

Building CLI-Based File Renaming Tool With Golang

With the capability to build lightweight yet efficient system, Golang has been getting a lot of attention from software engineers who use it to build backend services, microservices etc as well as DevOps engineers who use it as scripting language. FYI, Kubernetes is written in Go as well.

3 Steps to Improve your Efficiency when Hypertuning ML Models

Switch between Different Models Effortlessly without Messing with the Code. How do we know which machine learning model is the best? We cannot know until we experiment and compare the performance of different models.

Using SQL to Query CSVs in Command Line

A quick guide for running SQL on your CSV files through Command Line. If you are familiar with coding in SQL, there is a strong chance you do it in PgAdmin, MySQL, BigQuery, SQL Server, etc.

Introduction to Data Recovery with free Unix Tools

I had to recover data from a broken external hard drive and my typical go to recovery software failed (TestDisk), because the disk’s hardware was severely damaged.

GraphQL-Express-App CLI — A New Way to Learn and Build GraphQL APIs

CLI tool that can be used by anyone to start their new GraphQL-Express project with a MongoDB database. Hey guys, if you are new to OSS(open source software) development and want to get started with open source contributions, then here is the organization for you where you can initiate your projects and contribute to previously started projects too!

Faster Git Workflow With Git Aliases

Git is an intricate part of our development workflow. There are handful of commands that you keep repeating day in and day out. I always relied on the command suggestions, or packages on top of my shell that gave access to handy git aliases.

A command-line tool for retriving the Swift Object from Mach-O file

SwiftDump is a command-line tool for retriving the Swift Object info from Mach-O file. Similar to class-dump, but the difference is that SwiftDump focus on swift 5 objects. For Mach-O files mixed with Objective-C and swift, you can combine class-dump with SwiftDump.