8 Effective Communication Strategies for Internal Alignment and Growth in 2021

We'll take a look at what internal communication means for organizations, why should you have an internal comm plan, and look at the best strategies for B2B companies.

Top 10 Taxi applications in India | USA

Booking a cab for a meeting, or to your house, for an outing, or any need, in general, is now a simple process. All thanks to the taxi app…

Top 15 Offshore Development Companies You Must Consider

Are you tired of multi-tasking and managing various things at the same time? Partner with any of these top offshore development companies.

Top 4 Challenges for Business Leaders in 2021

2020 was an unprecedented year. Companies are coping and trying their best to support their business strategy.

List of Best 10 Alexa Skill Development Services Companies

Top 10 Alex Skill Development Companies | Hire The Best Alexa Kill Developers in India, USA & UK. ![top 10 alexa development companies](https://i.imgur.com/8wNJ00p.jpg "This is image title") Alexa brings an array of useful capabilities in form...

Automation Companies

This is EPIC. We are complete automation services company providing intelligent control system design and automation systems integration. For almost 25 years, our industrial automation and control engineers have managed thousands of projects for...

5 Innovative AI Software Companies You Should Know

While machine learning is impacting organizations around the world, some are driving forward the real-world applications of innovative AI. Check out these interesting companies to watch for exciting new progress this year.

Top architecture best practices for large scale React applications

We are leading React JS web development company in India. Avail React JS development services at an affordable cost from us. Reach us now.

Windows Terminal 1.0 Released with Support for Profiles,Multiple Panes

Microsoft has moved Windows Terminal out of preview and announced the release of version 1.0. Windows Terminal includes multiple tabs, panes, customizable shortcuts, support for Unicode and UTF-8 characters, and custom themes and styles. The terminal can support PowerShell, cmd, WSL, and other command-line tools.

IBM Fully Homomorphic Encryption Toolkit Available for MacOS and iOS

IBM Fully Homomorphic Encryption Toolkit Now Available for MacOS and iOS. IBM's Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) Toolkit aims to allow developers to start using FHE in their solutions.

Microsoft is Attempting to Unify Win32 and UWP APIs

At Build 2020, Microsoft announced Project Reunion with the aim of unifying app development across multiple Windows 10 versions and devices. The first three components of Project Reunion available to developers in preview are WinUI 3, WebView2 and MSIX (MSIX-Core).

Running Axon Server - CQRS and Event Sourcing in Java

Axon Server Standard Edition is an Open Source, purpose-built solution supporting distributed CQRS and Event Sourcing applications written in Java with the Axon Framework. Part one in this series discusses running it locally and explores aspects of Administration/Security and Configuration. It also discusses more advanced features available with the Enterprise Edition - Clustering/Multi-Contexts.

What are the best languages for web development?

Somya Lekhi's answer: If you are in the field of web development, selecting the best web programming language is the toughest part for any web developer. There many languages present in this domain. Before picking up the right one, you need to evaluate some questions as given below: -> Which typ...