JavaScript vs Java - Differences, Similarities, and History

The naming of Java and JavaScript confuses many new programmers. They sound so similar, so one might think they have the same use-cases, similar properties, or maybe the same company created both languages. None of those assumptions are true!

Comparison in JavaScript

When comparing values in JavaScript, you might come across an equality operator consisting of two or three equals symbols. For example:

Continuous Integration vs. Continuous Delivery

Continous integration helps bring systems and dependencies together faster. Continous delivery reduces time to market. Which is best for your organization?

Flyway vs Liquibase

I will present two of the most common database migration tools and dive into a comparison describing similarities and differences between them.

Serverless Computing vs. Containers: How to Choose

Take a look at this in-depth comparison of serverless computing and containers to decide which is best for you. Serverless Computing vs Containers: How to Choose


This happens because operands of different types are converted to numbers by the equality operator ==. An empty string, just like false, becomes a zero.

Where Can Canadians Buy Bitcoin: A Review of The 4 Most Popular Crypto-Exchanges

Making HTTP requests in Solidity is simple with Chainlink. If you’d like more insight on best practices, then after reading this article be sure to read API calls on Blockchain.

AWS vs Google Cloud vs Azure: Which Does Fit In?

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure are three top cloud services on the market. See which is right for you.

Web Developer Vs Software Developer

A web developer is basically an I.T. professional who has the ability to create web applications that can be hosted on the Internet or on a server architecture. This means that you can have applications that can be used anywhere across the world.

Spring Boot or Jakarta EE – What’s Better?

Spring Boot or Jakarta EE – What’s Better? No – I don’t want to start a new flame war in which I put one framework above the other. Both, Spring Boot and Jakarta EE are great frameworks to build great modern Java applications.

AWS vs Azure - a quick comparison

Choosing between these leading public cloud service platforms for your business can be difficult. Here's a guide of AWS vs Azure points of interest.

Python VS C++ | Comparing the two languages

Comparing the two languages.Nowadays, software has become an integral part of our day to day life. Everything is automated and connected to us in some way. For software developers, this poses an important question: which is best, Python or C++? This article sets out to compare the two languages to see if one can come out on top.

Comparison of GitLab and GitHub

Which is better: GitLab or GitHub? Read a detailed comparison from one of our experts that has worked on both.Two of them are hosted on GitHub and one is hosted on GitLab. I’ve been working on some other projects hosted on these platforms as well. These two platforms are among the most popular ones for Git repositories, and in this article, I want to compare them based on my experience.

Learn Comparison In JavaScript | Beginner JavaScript Tutorial | 2020

In this video we try to learn Comparisons In JavaScript. Double equal comparison in Javascript is quite different than other programming languages because of The Javascript Weakly-Typed. If you work with strongly-typed language for a long time this thing can be hard to understand for you. Javascript seen as uncontrolled and irregular. Many of memes and coding challenges in internet support this decision.

CSS-in-JS: An Investigation

An introductory comparison of popular CSS-in-JS libraries. CSS-in-JS: An Investigation. The libraries are all very similar and essentially up doing the same thing, but in different ways. Treat has the smallest bundle size with JSS the largest. Styled-components is the most popular with Treat the least. Using styled-components is the safest way to get started, but, Treat may be worth a gamble based on its scalability and bundle size.

Python vs. Java: some comparisons in writing the code

Maps vs. dictionaries (in essence, same key-value data structures). Same problem as one above, and a fair difference in the amout of code you have to write.

Lyric Comparison of Two Songs: Basic Python

Dance for me, dance for me, dance for me. Lyric Comparison of Two Songs: Basic Python. Using basic python skills, I’m going to analyse Tones and I’s top two hit songs: ‘Dance Monkey’ and ‘Never Seen The Rain’ to see if there are any similarities and how she creates her own music style ~ in terms of repeating words, use of accoustic words (like ‘oh’ and ‘ah’) etc.

Cryptography: Symmetric vs Asymmetric Encryption

Cryptography: Symmetric vs Asymmetric Encryption - Before the modern age of cryptography, where the focus has expanded from the confidentiality of messages to encompass identity…

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Rust vs Go - Which Is More Popular?

Rust vs Go - Which Is More Popular - Go and Rust are two of the hottest compiled programming languages. I develop in Go full-time and love it, and I'm learning more about Rust recently - its an exc