Low-Level Concurrency in Java

Higher level constructs like ThreadPoolExecutor, CompletableFuture, Latch etc. are intentionally omitted.

Understanding Java Thread Synchronization with methods vs objects vs locks

OS will try to preempt and schedule two threads on its own for optimizations. So we cannot rely on order of execution of threads.

Parallelism, Concurrency, and AsyncIO in Python

In this post looks at how to speed up CPU-bound and IO-bound operations with multiprocessing, threading, and AsyncIO.

Go: A Tale of Concurrency ( A Beginners Guide )

When the computers were invented, they needed instructions from their human creators. We created specific languages to talk to them, to tell them what to do, when to do and how to do. We would tell them step by step what their tasks were.

Swift Atomics Enables First-Class Atomic Operations in Swift

Swift Atomics aims to allow system programmers to write synchronization constructs directly in Swift. Swift Atomics provides developers aiming to build sophisticated, high-level, multi-threaded constructs, such as lock-free data structure, the opportunity to do so directly in Swift.

Controlling Threads using PhantomData in Rust

I was reading about the PhantomData type and came across the point made that it can be used as a mechanism for controlling lifetimes. From here I started to play around with it a bit and came up with something interesting. In this tutorial, you'll see Controlling Threads using PhantomData in Rust

A quick introduction to Virtual Thread(Loom).

Virtual Thread makes the java program to be asynchronous. However, It has the feature of the synchronous programming. Why this is needed you can go through my previous blog. In this blog, I am going to explain how java achieves this through Loom.

Utilize the power of multiple Cores on iOS App

Concurrency is achieved when the app is capable to run multiple tasks at the same time. Latest A13 Bionic comes with 6 cores which means that it has the capacity to execute 6 tasks at a time. Yes, one core can execute at-most one task at at time.

Slice Based Stack Implementation in Golang

In this article, I will show you how to implement a stack in Golang using slice. Slice Based Stack Implementation in Golang

6 Best Books to Learn Multithreading and Concurrency in Java

These are the best books to learn multi-threading and concurrency in Java for both beginners and experienced Java programmers and developers.

How to speed up a Tree structure traversal in Go?

Turbocharge your binary tree traversal . How to represent a basic tree structure in Go? How to walk through a tree effectively?

Java Concurrency: Thread methods

Java Concurrency: Thread methods. In this article, we’ll go through the most important methods available in the Thread class.

Why Rust Is So Popular?

If you are looking for some kind of metal panel business idea, allow me to be clear: the Rust I am referring to is a programming language.

Demystifying Asynchronous JavaScript — Event Loop, Call stack, Task Queue

JavaScript is a single threaded programming language. This means that only one piece of code can run at a time, on a single main thread, and everything else is blocked until an operation completes. Luckily, JavaScript is a non-blocking language, and this article is all about how things work under the hood.

Coroutines in Python

The building blocks of asynchronous programming. Prerequisites: You should know about iterators and how a for loop in Python works behind the scenes. You don’t need to know anything about generators, coroutines, or the yield keyword.

Leveraging Python — Part I : The concurrent way

Python is the top language of choice for tasks relating to Machine Learning or Data Science in general. But beneath the top tier user friendly and intuitive design it boasts, there lies an ugly facet — execution speed.

Concurrency and Synchrony in AWS Lambda

The consequences of not thinking about concurrency. Data loss and inconsistencies. One of the many useful abstractions that AWS offers is scalability. Your function automatically scales up and scales down depending on the amount of workload that it has to deal with. This is not only cost effective but now developers don’t have to think about scaling. Because, of course, that’s one of the nastiest problems to think about. Thankfully, AWS takes care of that, if the traffic increases by ten-folds, then your function starts running in ten times as many containers as before. The containers divide the workload among themselves and work together like numerous little ants lifting a heavy sugar cube.This is known as concurrency.

Java Concurrency: How to create a thread

Java Concurrency: How to create a thread. In this article, we’ll discuss in detail how to create a Thread in Java.

Trigger Validations and Isolation Levels - Simple Talk

Writing data integrity code in TRIGGER objects is generally is pretty simple. Typically you write a query to see "is there a row in inserted/deleted that is not set up as desired for the current transaction?” and no bad data is found, keep moving.

Build your own Future in Go

Build your own Future in Go. One of the main features of Go programming language is its eponymous go statement.