Android Click Debounce

As android platform is quite mature at this point, there are several approaches. For managing click events we can use external libraries or create our own implementation. Unfortunately ready solutions require us to use different api than basic onClickListener.

Coroutines in Python

The building blocks of asynchronous programming. Prerequisites: You should know about iterators and how a for loop in Python works behind the scenes. You don’t need to know anything about generators, coroutines, or the yield keyword.

[Unity3d] WaitForFrames in Coroutine

If you are using Coroutines in Unity3d, you probably know about WaitForSeconds, WaitForEndOfFrame and WaitForFixedUpdate classes. But sometimes you need to wait for some amount of frames before executing some action.

 A Guide for Using coroutines in Android for Retrofit Requests

In this guide, we will build an app that fetches two random breeds and a list of dog breeds and images and display it via a recycler using coroutines.

Synchronous Way to Work with Asynchronous Code.

Synchronous Way to Work with Asynchronous Code. We are going to solve common real-life issues that might appear when coroutines are used in the code.