Improve Your Cost Management with AWS Saving Plans

This in-depth analysis, we take a look at how to implement some of AWS's cost management tools to keep the price down.

How to Migrate Existing Apache Spark Jobs to Cost Efficient Executor Configurations

Steps to follow when converting existing jobs to cost efficient config. There are a number of things to keep in mind as you tune your Spark jobs. The following sections cover the most important ones.

Part 6: Summary of Apache Spark Cost Tuning Strategy

The step by step overview of the cost tuning strategy.If you haven’t read the entire series of these Apache Spark cost tuning articles, then the changes recommended in this summary may not make sense. To understand these steps, I encourage you to read Part 1 which provides the philosophy behind the strategy, and Part 2 which shows you how to determine the estimated costs for your Spark job.

Part 3: Cost Efficient Executor Configuration for Apache Spark

Find the most efficient executor configuration for your node.The first step to determine an efficient executor config is to figure out how many actual CPUs (i.e. not virtual CPUs) are available on the nodes in your cluster. To do so, you need to find out what type of EC2 instance your cluster is using. For our discussion here, we’ll be using r5.4xlarge which according to the AWS EC2 Instance Pricing page has 16 CPUs.

Part 1: Cloud Spending Efficiency Guide for Apache Spark

How I saved 60% of costs in an Apache Spark job, with no increase in job time and no decrease in data processed.Until recently, most companies didn’t care how much they spent on their cloud resources. But in a covid-19 world, companies like Expedia Group™ are reducing cloud spending where reasonable. While many Apache Spark tuning guides discuss how to get the best performance using Spark, none of them ever discuss the cost of that performance.

Big Data in Google Cloud — Cost Monitoring

This is part one of three.When we migrated our Big Data solutions to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), around the beginning of 2019, we were somehow worried about how the costs could vary widely depending on how we would organize it and also how our internal users would make use of the data provided, mostly in BigQuery (BQ).

Part 2: Real World Apache Spark Cost Tuning Examples

I outline the procedure for working through cost tuning.Below is a screenshot highlighting some jobs at Expedia Group™ that were cost tuned using the principles in this guide. I want to stress that no code changes were involved, only the spark submit parameters were changed during the cost tuning process. Pay close attention to the Node utilization column that is highlighted in yellow.

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