How to Design an Interactive Dashboard for COVID-19 Updates in JavaScript

In this dashboard, we are going to use the following UI components to represent the numbers of active, confirmed, recovered, and fatal COVID-19 cases for various countries. Learn how to Design an Interactive Dashboard for COVID-19 Updates in JavaScript.

Charting COVID-19 Data With Python

Visualize characteristics and trends of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States during 2020 using the integration between Python and ArcGIS Platform.

How AI & Machine Learning Have Impacted the COVID-19 Pandemic

Machine learning has helped in key research areas from modeling the spread of coronavirus to searching for possible drugs and vaccines.

Veterans Affairs Invests Big in Artificial Intelligence

Veterans Affairs AI initiatives aim to deliver proactive healthcare, reduce backlogs, and increase the agency’s effectiveness.

Holiday Shopping Craze, COVID-19 Spur Retail Security Storm

Veracode's Chris Eng discusses the cyber threats facing shoppers who are ... Holiday Shopping Craze, COVID-19 Spur Retail Security Storm.

How can AI contribute to a Coronavirus Vaccine?

Using AI and its neural network algorithms NetMHCpan-4.0 and MARIA and DiscoTope, the researchers came up with a list of epitopes on the coronavirus that is likely to provoke an immune response to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

IoT Device Takeovers Surge 100 Percent in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with an explosion in the number of connected devices, have led to a swelling in IoT infections observed on wireless networks.

Experts Weigh in on E-Commerce Security Amid Snowballing Threats

Experts Weigh in on E-Commerce Security Amid Snowballing Threats. How a retail sector reeling from COVID-19 can lock down their online systems to prevent fraud during the upcoming holiday shopping spike. ... But experts are warning retailers not to focus only on one threat or on protecting one particular system.

Putting AI to Work in the Enterprise

A Deloitte AI Institute global survey finds businesses are achieving competitive advantage from AI and expect to see increasing AI-powered transformation in the future.

Pandemic Proves the Business Value of Rapid Analysis and Insight

Pandemic Proves the Business Value of Rapid Analysis and Insight in the Midst of a Data Revolution. COVID-19 highlights the need for innovative data processing technologies to make sense of companies’ massive data volumes.

Microsoft is the Most-Imitated Brand for Phishing Emails

In a recent study into the brands most frequently spoofed by cyber-attackers to steal personal information, Microsoft came out on top with 19% of all brand phishing attempts - 10 percentage points above the next closest brand.

The Kind of Leadership Businesses Demand in The Times of Uncertainty

Business uncertainty has ensured that top business leaders develop business leadership skills as they steer their businesses to success during economic recovery.

Phishing Lures Shift from COVID-19 to Job Opportunities

Fortinet researchers are seeing a pivot in the spear-phishing and phishing lures used by cybercriminals, to entice potential job candidates as businesses open up.

Amazon Prime Day Spurs Spike in Phishing, Fraud Attacks

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Amazon Prime Day Spurs Spike in Phishing, Fraud Attacks A spike in phishing and malicious websites aimed at defrauding customers aim to make Prime Day a field day for hackers. ... Researchers analyzed hundreds of millions of web pages to track the number of new phishing and fraudulent sites using the Amazon brand and logos.

Lemon Duck Cryptocurrency-Mining Botnet Activity Spikes

Researchers warn of a spike in the cryptocurrency-mining botnet since August 2020. Researchers are warning of a recent dramatic uptick in the activity of the Lemon Duck cryptocurrency-mining botnet, which targets victims' computer resources to mine the Monero virtual currency.

IRS COVID-19 Relief Payment Deadlines Anchor Convincing Phish

The upcoming deadlines for applying for coronavirus relief are the lure for a phish that gets around email security gateways by using a legitimate SharePoint page for data-harvesting.

Zoom Rolls Out End-to-End Encryption After Setbacks

After backlash over false marketing around its encryption policies, Zoom will finally roll out end-to-end encryption next week. Then, the platform came under fire in May when it announced that it would indeed offer E2EE — but to paid users only.

The Third Wave of Open Source Migration

Is open source recession-proof? History has shown that open source is a powerful weapon to navigate a global downturn.

Voter Registration ‘Error’ Phish Hits During U.S. Election Frenzy

Phishing emails tell recipients that their voter's registration applications are incomplete – but instead steal their social security numbers, license data and more.

Facebook Small Business Grants Spark Identity-Theft Scam

“The collected information allowed the scammers to gain access of their victims' Facebook accounts, which they could use to pull off other crimes, including identity theft.” ... However, the form fields provide the crooks with enough personal information to steal full identities, researchers warned.