MIT Researchers Build New AI Model To Predict Viral Escape

The model can predict the sections of the viral surface proteins that are likely or less likely to mutate, making them good targets for vaccines.

Now, Companies Want To Go Digital As Early As Yesterday: Sudeep Srivastava, Appinventiv

Digitalisation was already at the heart of most companies’ modus operandi. But COVID-19 breakout has moved the goal post to such an extent that digital adoption has become the raison d’etre for every forward-looking company. You either go digital or risk being a dinosaur. The choice couldn’t be clearer. Noida-based Appinventiv, a full-cycle software development…

How Pandemic Affected The Time Series Models In Production

Few businesses were shut down forever, others have seen a tremendous rise in usage.Time series forecasting models were put to test.

How AI-powered Vitals Monitoring System Helping Nagpur COVID Patients

Nagpur hospital, IGGMC partnered with Dozee, an advanced health intelligence tracker that acts as a contactless monitoring device.

How to Map the Spread of COVID-19 Globally in Minutes

A guide to visualising COVID-19 infections with BigQuery GeoViz

Tech Giants Are Bracing Up For The Mammoth Challenge Of COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

While things have started to look up at least in terms of COVID-19 vaccine production, another Herculean task lies ahead: distribution and management.

Scraping for Good: Writing a Proactive COVID-19 Emailer

Avoid the fear and frustration of obsessively checking for COVID-19 test results. Let a computer obsessively check for you!

How college students are handling COVID-19

How college students are handling COVID-19. A step-by-step analysis for staying in the loop with the power of Natural Language Processing

COVID-19 Bar Race Chart Using Flourish

Easily make Bar Race Chart using Flourish app with no coding. In this article, I will explain how to prepare a COVID-19 Visualization using Flourish App.

Mr. Market has Already Prophesied How the Post-Covid World Will Look Like

Mr. Market has Already Prophesied How the Post-Covid World Will Look Like. The market knows it all, and it has prepared itself for the post-Covid world using millions of data points, Have you?

Fake News Classifier to Tackle COVID-19 Disinformation

An effort to tackle one of the most pressing problems faced by the world currently, Fake News. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease that has resulted in an ongoing pandemic.

How to Clean CSV Data at the Command Line

How to Clean CSV Data at the Command Line. An in-depth tutorial about cleaning COVID-19 CSV file using command-line programs: csvkit and xsv comparing the performance of each.

COVID-19 Analysis and Forecasting Using Deep Learning

The goal of this article is to answer the following questions: What are the factors and policies that have the greatest impact on the number of cases and deaths across the world? How can we predict the number of COVID-19 cases, deaths, and recoveries in the future?

Predicting the spread of Covid-19 using networks in R

Generating network features and making predictions. We are going to use this network to generate features about each area. We will finish by using these features to create a model to predict the number of Covid cases an area will get in the coming week.

How is data science helping with the COVID-19 pandemic?

How is data science helping with the COVID-19 pandemic? Modeling relationships to accelerate understanding of disease dynamics

Using DevOps During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic we’re all facing this year is transforming the workforce throughout the whole world. In fact, according to While DevOps is nothing new to the developer world, the benefits of the philosophy have come to the forefront with the global shift to remote ...

Detecting COVID-19 Outbreaks Through Wastewater Monitoring

Detecting COVID-19 Outbreaks Through Wastewater Monitoring

Build an SMS Alert System for Canada Covid-19 Cases over the weekend with Rust

Weekend build and learn. SMS Alert for Ontario, Canada Covid-19 new cases. Before we start this weekend build and learn, I would like to take a moment to thank you, all my readers, ...

Sacrificing Lives for a Weak Economy

How the U.S. blundered the war on COVID. The U.S. COVID mortality rate is over 4.5 times the median of other wealthy countries, with only slightly better projected economic growth compared to the last ...

Which measures are more effective in controlling COVID-19?

Which measures are more effective in controlling COVID-19? International flights, isolation and face covering are top effective measures