NVIDIA Releases TLT 3.0 To Build AI With Faster Time-To-Market

NVIDIA releases pre-trained models and Transfer Learning Toolkit 3.0 to accelerate developers' journey from training to deployment.

Does CPU Clock Speed Impact Your Blockchain Node?

If you are going to plan your Blockchain Network Deployment on AWS, Azure, GCP or even a Private Cloud. My question is how do you decide what metal should power it and then what's the definition of that Metal?

After Successful Integration In Xbox, Microsoft To Bring Pluton Processor To Windows

The Pluton processor has already been used in Xbox & it is expected to bring security features and advancements to the upcoming Windows PCs.

Amazon Making In Roads Into Chip Industry; Now Uses Its Own Machine Learning Chips

Each AWS Inferentia chip contains four NeuronCores that are equipped with a large on-chip cache. This cuts down on external memory accesses.

Oracle Kills 402 Bugs in Massive October Patch Update

Over half of Oracle's flaws in its quarterly patch update can be remotely exploitable without authentication; two have CVSS scores of 10 out of 10.

Why I/O Profiling Is Crucial For Software And Data-Driven Companies

In computer architecture, the combination of the CPU and main memory, to which the CPU can read or write directly utilising specific instructions, is deemed as the central component. Any transfer of data to or from the CPU/memory combination, for instance, by reading data from a disk drive, is considered I/O.  Today, the applications are…

How to Build an Emulator for a Fantasy CPU in JavaScript

Emulators are cool pieces of technology that allow users to run a totally different system on top of another one. Here, we'll explore how a CPU works and how its software can emulate one by implementing a simple machine that will run programs written for a fantasy CPU.

16/32/64 Bit Assembly Programs

Ok so before we move on and jump into writing and running 64 bit programs (because all programs today are 64bit these days no? j.k.) let's have a look how to compile a simple program for each of those architectures. This knowledge should also help you better understand how to start a nano VM and "debug" problems that might arise.

CPU / GPU/ TPU — ML perspective

As a Machine learning Enthusiast who has been trying to improvise performance of the learning models, We all have been at a point where the…

Use Apple new ML Compute framework to accelerate ML training and inferencing

Hacking the new Apple ML Compute framework to accelerate training of neural networks across CPU and GPU

Intel Adds Anti-Malware Protection in Tiger Lake CPUs

Intel's Tiger Lake CPUs will come with Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET), aimed at battling common control-flow hijacking attacks.

Get CPU Information on Linux

Whatever the reason, on Linux, it's quite easy to determine the processor type and speed from the command line. Get CPU Info in Linux #. The ...

What to Expect from the Newly Updated 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

The Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family1 is the most universally deployed data center platform across the globe. The second generation of the platform has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) acceleration, Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel® DL Boost) technology and support for Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory. Now, a refreshed set of processors has been introduced into…