How to Sync Mobile Development Teams with Kotlin Multiplatform

This chart shows the estimated worldwide mobile e-commerce sales

How to use the NPM Package open

In this video, I will be showing you how to use the package open đź”´ Subscribe for more

Using AnimatedPositioned Widget In Flutter

In this blog, we shall explore AnimatedPositioned widget and we will create a custom screen view demo using Animation and AnimatedPositioned. So let's get started.

How To Buy a Computer for Cross-Platform Development

Learn about buying a computer for cross-platform app development on phones such as Android and iOS with Windows or macOS.

See How Enriched Is Dart ?

Dart and its dynamism are one of the hot topics among developers these days, Since its release in 2007 to till now has been improved…See How Enriched Is Dart ? Dart and its dynamism are one of the hot topics among developers these days, Since its release in 2007 to till ...

Unit Testing In Flutter

Unit tests are handy for verifying the behavior of a single function, method, or class. The test package provides the core framework for writing unit tests, and the flutter_test package provides additional utilities for testing widgets.

This is Why Developers Will Embrace Microsoft Windows Again

This is Why Developers Will Embrace Microsoft Windows Again. Instead of seeing Linux as a threat, Microsoft has embraced it. And instead of reducing command-line usage to a minimum, Microsoft has seen the light and created both Powershell and Windows Terminal to help us developers get stuff done without a GUI.

Flutter to the Future: The Inevitability of Cross-Platform Frameworks

So, you want to build a tech start-up. You have your product idea, your seed capital, and your founding team. Now you just have to hire three engineering teams and build three versions of your product.

Change Notifier & Selector In Provider

Today we are going to talk about Provider inherited widget that is Selector furthermore we will also look into changenotifierprovider

Important Dart Concepts In Flutter

Know more about null-aware operators , Const Keyword , Async/Await in Dart Language. In this blog, we shall learn about various Null-aware operators, where to use const keyword, async, and await. Dart is a powerful language that provides us, various special operators, keyword.

Null safety in Dart

Dart is being fitted with sound null safety, helping developers avoid a class of bugs that can be hard to spot. “Sound” null safety means that Dart is 100% sure that non-nullable variables cannot be null. Dart compilers and runtimes can optimize away internal null checks, so apps can be faster and smaller. Try Out the largest Change Made In Dart : Sound Null Safety. Null safety in Dart

What Makes Flutter a Better Choice for Developing a Startup App in 2020

Are you a mobile app developer and confused about which cross-platform framework to go for in 2020 for your startup app? Or are you already aware of Flutter, and just curious to know why it is the most used development framework by start-ups and entrepreneurs! Read on to know more.

Custom Shared Preferences in Flutter

This article will walk you through the basics of file I/O and in the end, You will be able to build your own storage service just like shared preference using Dart: IO library. Custom Shared Preferences in Flutter. Create your own temporary/persistent storage using plane dart

Date and Time Picker In Flutter

Inthis article, we will explore the Date and Time Picker in a flutter. We will not be using any package in this application. We will use some core functions available in flutter to achieve this.

Session In Flutter

If You don’t want users to enter their information every time they open an app rather you would like to have them saved across the app lifecycle. That’s mean you want to store the user’s information and access it during the application lifetime.

Why Google’s Flutter Is Perfect for Cross-Platform App Development

Technological advancement today has figuratively impacted the lives of millions of people around the globe. Thanks to the rapidly changing and ever-developing technical expertise, individuals have started to revolutionize how mobile apps were developed in the early stages.

Interactive Viewer In Flutter

The Interactivity in Flutter just became 100 times better with the new widget called — Interactive Viewer, released in Flutter version 1.20, It immediately became the one thing everyone fell in love with(yes, including me.)

Stateful & Stateless: A Doubt Clearing Session

As a flutter developer, you have at least once come across a question of how would you draw a line between Stateless and Stateful, either this question would have been thrown on you or it has hit your mind hard by self-realization.

Dart Extensions Methods

As you all know dart is client optimized programming language for multiple platforms and that special term client optimized always…

The Growth of Flutter — 3Years After The Birth of Alpha

The owner of a significant smartphone global market share, China, provides a wide choice of devices for every taste, color, and budget. This significantly makes mobile application technology even more accessible and demanding.