Oracles in DeFi Systems: Off-Chain Aggregation vs Centralized Solutions

DeFi projects are changing the way we’re interacting with digital funds. We’re taking real money and transforming them into digital assets that can be used in blockchain-powered applications. Anyway, as much as we want to think that the cryptocurrency world is one that is separated from the actual real-world, it is not. Otherwise, why are you checking the USD price of your tokens?

"Big-O Algorithms" Course Released

We’ve launched our new Big-O Algorithms course! We wrote this course for engineers who need a refresher on computer science basics, or want to learn the fundamentals for the first time.

DEEPCTF writeup

so we already done part 1. this is part 2 when we are explaining remaining challenges . In this challenge we have some words.but when i see ‘Drunk Hackers’ i thought there are some hint for next destination clue.

Perpetual Swaps, Futures, and Contracts — Which One Fits You Best

Bitcoin has come a long way in its eleven or so years of existence. It was created to be a ‘peer-to-peer electronic cash system’, but it has become so much more than that today. In fact, Bitcoin has crossed over quite significantly from being a currency to being more of an investable asset.

As Bitcoin Grows, So Do Crypto Scams

The amount that Bitcoin has grown in recent years is staggering. In around a decade or so, it has gone from a relatively unknown asset to an incredibly popular and valuable cryptocurrency that has made front-page headlines across the world. It has shown a lot of promise and potential in both finance and tech.

As Defi Breaks Records and Ethereum, Can a Fix Be Found?

DeFi is booming, but while industry records are smashed, questions about Ethereum’s ability to shoulder the burden mount. The burgeoning DeFi sector is putting increasing pressure on the Ethereum network, with the problem growing so acute that Vitalik Buterin recently described gas prices as something “we now have to spend years painfully fixing”. 

Blockchain Grants in the EU - How To Get Some in 2020

I want to draw your attention to the fact that Horizon 2020 does not only turn around the blockchain. This is not true! The main motto “Science closer to society’’!

Crypto Basics: Understand and Create your own base64 encoding with Python

We encounter base64 encoding in most of our daily lives (yeah, nerds). For example, we use base64 encoding to embed image data directly into HTML source code or to prevent the probability of binary data getting corrupt in its raw form when sending attachments over the Internet. Crypto Basics: understand&create your own base64 encoding with Python

Bitcoin market Analysis

The bitcoin price has dropped from around 8000 to 3800, and then it has been drawn back and then touched 10,000 points. It has dropped to about 9000–10000 points and hovered.

Automate Crypto and Bitcoin Trading with Zero Code

The prupose of this article is to provide a method to automate cryptocurrency trading through either Web, or iOS/Android app eToro.

"Good And Evil Are Two Sides of The Same Coin" - Sergey Baloyan, 2020 Noonie Nominee

Among the 2,000+ deserving humans nominated across 5 categories for over 200 award titles, we discovered Sergey Baloyan from Russia, who’s has been nominated for a 2020 #Noonie in the Future Heroes and Technology categories.

"Cryptocurrency is Becoming so Widespread, That it is Better Not to Shy Away From it"

With cryptocurrency becoming a new investor frenzy on the face of a rapidly inflating global economy, it once again proves the importance of alternative investment instruments in the times of a crisis.

What Do Regulators and Investors Want To See In Your White Papers?

In September 2017, the Office of Financial Conduct Authority of the UK (FCA) issued a warning about the risks associated with the ICO. In particular, they directly pointed out to the weak level of White Papers, and did describe it like the risk of the “imperfect documentation”.

Creating Revenue Streams with Blockchain-Based P2P Crypto Lending Software

P2P lending has the potential to turn into a huge source of revenue for you, so why leave it untapped? The conventional banking model has serious limitations, so it is time to deploy technology like blockchain to simplify things for a large number of lenders and borrowers, and in the process, make some money (a lot of it in fact) for yourselves as well.

Blockchains for Crowdfunding | Hacker Noon

It is no secret that Crowdfunding hold a tremendous potential in helping entrepreneurs and creators in pushing their projects forwards and gathering much needed financial resources. In 2018, The crowdfunding market size was valued at 10.2 billions dollars and was set to almost triple by 2025.

We Need To Build A Human-Centered Future Because Regulations Alone

Emerging data privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the USA, have sparked global discussion around:

What is Cybersecurity and Its Importance

In 2020, Cyber Security degrees are more popular than ever. Let’s see if cybersecurity might be the career for you! Data and network security are hot topics everywhere.

Exclusive interview with TON Labs: FreeTon, working with Durov, blockchain

In May it became clear that Pavel Durov would not launch his grand blockbuster project TON due to problems with the SEC. 

Everything you Need to Know About Project Serum ($SRM)

Project Serum is a brand new decentralized exchange (DEX) for the decentralized finance (DeFi) sphere from the same team that created FTX Exchange. It is said to test the boundaries of DEXs using a non-Ethereum blockchain.

Rusty Chains: A Basic Blockchain Implementation Written in Pure Rust

In this article, I will take you a bit along my journey into blockchain. The next project at my work will be fueled by blockchain technology. Since I had (have) no real idea about that topic apart from some general high level ideas.