Cryptocurrency Exchange Development in Singapore

Nowadays, in today’s digital revolution there are many interesting options for users, including e-commerce. E-commerce is one of the amazing options in the field of commercial and marketing. Marketing has a crucial aspect of the business.
In because of the change in the world’s major currencies, we are gradually seeing them go away and digital currencies are being replaced. Therefore, developing a digital currency exchange site is an important step to expand their business. The importance of marketing in economic relations is very important and inevitable.
Marketing and e-commerce are the factors that promote brands and organizations. That’s why the importance of the internet is not hidden for anyone.
With the appearance of bitcoin and blockchain the demands for digital currency are growing, and the graph of these demands is still on the rise.
This was the reason why many exchange offices turned to develop an online exchange site. In this change, in addition to the previous work of buying and selling the foreign currency of different countries, buying and selling digital currency was also added. On the other hand, transactions and money exchange always play an important role in the dynamics of the business world. Now, if these transactions are at the international level, transferring and exchanging money from one country to another is one of the needs of foreign trade.
Buying and selling these currencies needs a place in which people can trade in real-time.
All of this requires a dynamic and comprehensive professional exchange website development that people who work in digital currency be able to provide services for their clients. Now if you are searching for a top cryptocurrency exchange website development company in singapore, continue to read this text. And  Also you can develop a website that has extra features and options but adding them may cost extra money so we recommend you to read about the features and aspect that effect the cryptocurrency exchange development cost before developing you crypto exchange platform.

List of the 10 best Crypto Exchange Development Companies in Singapore:

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Finding a secure development company is a time-taking process.
There are Factors that you should pay attention to before choosing a crypto exchange development company:
• Number of Employees
• Contact details of the company
• Successful portfolio
• Customer Satisfaction
• Experience in this field

Here is a list of 10 top Crypto Exchange Development companies in Singapore to ease up the searching process for you. Check out the list below and choose your desired crypto exchange developer.


they provide consulting services and technology partnerships to assist organizations to achieve their full potential. With +10 years of experience in software products engineering, they have proved themselves as a software development company.
They provide main services:


Radindev is a leading cryptocurrency exchange software development company in Singapore that provides full-stack block chain development services and white label solutions for startups and companies. They are specelized in providing a blockchain solution and crypto exchange website development. Radindev provides crypto exchange platform that are Easy to customize, add enterprises are able to add new features in the future. They have a team of profesionals which provide the 24/7 support for their clients. Radin dev development team monitors its developed website operation so there is no chance of any security problems.
This company has a golden portfolio in the folowing field:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange website Development
  • P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange software
  • White label exchange
  • Web development
  • mobile app development


hashcash consultants company provides the decentralized system for its clients. They have good project management and they meet the deadlines. That’s why they have become one of the leading companies in the field of blockchain solutions. Hashcash offers exchange development and customized blockchain development. Their services enable enterprises to expand their business across the borders.
Based on the feedback received from their client, They have good project management and they meet their deadlines.
the focus of this company is divided into charts :
• Blockchain and Digital Identity
• ACH processing solutions
• Hashcash Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development
• HashCash Internet of Things (IoT) Development
• Big Data Analytics Solutions
The major part of the focus of this company is on blockchain. And the other part of the focus is on BI and SI and custom software development.


Unicsoft is a trusted company that provides Ai and blockchain solutions to companies and drive them to stand out among the all the other business. Unicsoft can handle your blockchain-related projects.
According to the comments of their clients they make good relationship with their customer and always try to solve the problems in the best way they can.
Their key services:
• Machine Learning
• Natural Language Processing
• Computer Vision
• Blockchain
• Big Data
• Data Science
• Data Analytics fields.
According to the information released by clutch about 25% of their service focus is on blockchain, 30% is on artificial intelligence, 10% BI and big data consulting and SI, 10% cloud consulting and SI, 10% logistics and supply chain consulting, 5% custom software development,5% mobile app development,5% web development.

Nimble appGenie

They have a team of experts in app development and software development. With +4 years of professional experience in web and mobile app development and by using the latest technologies they ensure the success in their projects for their clients.
Their customers are pleased with the way they pay attention to the details.
Nimble appGenie key services:

• Ecommerce App Development
• Ewallet App Development
• Healthcare App Development
• Fintech App Development
• Education App Development
• SAAS Development
• Transportation and Logistics App Development
• On Demand App Development

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Dev Centre House

Dev Centre House is a blockchain development company that provides blockchain consulting and development for startups and enterprises. They have worked in this field since 2012 so they have professional experience in providing blockchain solutions for different projects.

• Mobile App Development
• Web Development
• DevOps & Cloud
• Product Design
• Blockchain development


Mobidev helps enterprises to create new software products easily. They see the future of the business and try to create value for that. they have almost 300 engineers and more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of :
By reviewing their client feedback, it is obvious that they are so dedicated to do their responsibilities the best way they can also they have a very good at project management .By making effective communication with their client, they provide the exact services based on their requirements the most important thing is that it is said that most of the times they meet their deadlines in the process of the project.


As a blockchain technology company Emurgo provides solution for developers, enterprises and help them to improve their business. They try to provide the blockchain solutions to meet the business requirements of their clients.they work with and invest in organizations to provide global blockchain solutions for developers, startups, enterprises, and governments.

• Blockchain development (expertise in multiple protocols)
• Enterprise development
• App and web development
• It consulting
• UI/UX design
Emurgo mostly focuses on blockchain solutions. They rest of their focus is on business consulting, custom software development, enterprise app modernization, IoT Development, IT strategy consulting.

Hermes infotech

hermes infotech is a blockchain development services company with offices in Singapore and India. This company tries to help their customer in their digital journey and help them to expand their business.
• Web Development
• Mobile App Development

They mostly focus on mobile app development then e-commerce development and web development.They pay a lot of attention to the security of the platforms they develop. so they are good choice for developing a crypto exchange website because one of the most important factor in developing a crypto exchange website is high security.

Stellen infotech

This company is a trusted global custom software development that worked with companies from varied industries to help them in achieving quantifiable goals. They provide development services to clients from more than 20 countries in the world. Their successful development and cost-efficient delivery have made them a trustworthy company.

• Web management
• mobile app development
Stellen Infotech is familiar with different industries, marketing, and technical aspects- of all busineses that are crucial for the development of the use-effective website or mobile app development. The 24/7 costumer support that this company provide for its client will be by their clients side and will provide business solutions to help startups and companies to find their way out among their competitors
According to their client feedback they have achieved to a good rank (5 star) of quality, reliability and ability in providing web development services and mobile app development.

The advantages of developing a cryptocurrency website:

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Reduction in cost

Many additional costs are eliminated. For example, physical space such as rent is saved


The user has access to the site every hour of the day and night when the user intends to receive services and can buy and sell the currencies online.
Growth in the number of customers: by developing a cryptocurrency exchange website, your location and of course your customers are not limited to a specific region or city. The scope of the market will not be only one country and you reach other countries, and this will mean a multiplication of your customers.


Cyberspace and Internet users are increasing every day. This is a clear reason to increase the circle of users who are going to get to know your brand and if there is a professional team behind your website, this visitor user will become a customer.


You need a computer, internet and finally a telephone line to support your customers. Customer response and support will be much easier and faster. On the other hand, this increase in speed will mean an increase in customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer will always bring business prosperity.

Income growth

All of the above together will increase the customer and consequently increase your income.

How many types of website development is available?

1.Informational website
2.Trading website

  1. In This type of site the purpose is only providing the information. That provides information about subjects like how to provide services, contact info online consultant and the value of currencies is provided in these websites.
  2. In this type of website plus providing information , Store facilities have been added. In a way, it is possible to make all kinds of online transactions, including buying and selling currency.

The feature embedded in the cryptocurrency exchange website

  • Addresses and contact information are also available to users on social networks.
  • Customers can see the current exchange rates of all types of common currencies and gold on your site.
  • A digital currency exchange site allows you to introduce yourself completely and provide the necessary legal records and permissions for inquiries.

a cryptocurrency exchange website should have some key factors:

  1. The possibility to add new features in the future.
  2. HIGH security
  3. Easy to manage
  4. strong performance

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