Maddie’s Zero One Journey — Learning About Version Control and Cryptography

Intern Blog Series: Maddie’s Zero One Journey — Learning About Version Control and Cryptography

5 Famous Cryptography Quotes, Explained

Today, every developer needs a solid grasp of security and cryptography basics. The stakes are simply too high to ignore it. You can become a better developer if you understand these security principles

A Simple Crypto Method

Please be warned, this method should not be used for anything more important than basic non-private data, since it can be broken by an average attacker.

What Is Entropy In Cryptography?

In cryptography, entropy refers to the randomness collected by a system for use in algorithms that require random data. A lack of good entropy can leave a cryptosystem vulnerable and unable to encrypt data securely.

“ProGuard”-A Safe and Unique Platform for Sharing Confidential Files Using AWS

Privacy is the main concern in today’s world. There are many threats to the integrity of data and can be more harmful if the data is highly confidential.

Why Web Browser Padlocks Shouldn't Be Trusted

Popular ‘safe browsing’ padlocks are now passe as a majority of bad guys also use them.

Learn how to hide secret messages in Images

Learn the basics of image-based stenography by building a simple python script to hide and decrypt a secret message within an image

How This Bangalore Based Startup Is Driving Innovation With Quantum Technology-Based

Archeron Group was established with a vision to drive disruptive innovations and integrates AI and quantum computing in flagship products.

First steps to use Python SDK for immudb

First steps to use Python SDK for immudb — the blazing fast, open-source immutable database. Immu-py implements a grpc immudb client.

Storing and Retrieving Third-Party Certificates in Azure Key Vault

Storing, managing, and renewing certificates can be a hassle. When will they expire? Where do I store them? Who has access to them and how is that controlled? How do I track the expiry date of these certificates so we don’t catch ourselves in a Sev 1 outage because a cert expired (hey, remember this)?

"Big-O Algorithms" Course Released

We’ve launched our new Big-O Algorithms course! We wrote this course for engineers who need a refresher on computer science basics, or want to learn the fundamentals for the first time.

Coding AES128-bit Encryption With Python in Less Than 5 Minutes.

Rapid implementation of symmetric key encryption using the AES128 Fernet cipher, in Python’s cryptography library. Symmetric key encryption is one of the simplest forms of message encryption where sender and recipient(s) utilize the exact same secret key to both encrypt and decrypt.

Glossary of Security Terms: Encryption | Hacker Noon

In cryptography, encryption is the conversion of cleartext into a coded text or ciphertext. A ciphertext is intended to be unreadable by unauthorized readers.

Encrypt and Decrypt Files using Python  - PyShark

In this article we will discuss how to encrypt and decrypt files using Python. In the evolving world of data and information transfer, security of the file contents remain to be one of the greatest concerns for companies.

Constants in Go Vs. Constants in Javascript

Constants can be confusing and easy to misuse in Go if you are coming from an untyped language. In this article we will learn what constants are, and when it is best to make use of them. Most of the points I make here apply to general-purpose programming languages as a whole

Play Fair Cipher Encryption using Python3

Hi everyone since I’m into cryptography these days I thought why don’t I give a try to code the algorithms that are used to encrypt. My most favorite one is PlayFair Cipher, so I thought it would be easy to code but really took me a lot of hours. First let’s see what is PlayFair Cipher and working of the algorithm and then we can dive into the code. Play Fair Cipher Encryption Using Python3

Build Your Own Encryption Software in Python — Part 1 The Back-End

This mini-project will allow you to exchange coded messages using your encrypted software. “Information is Power”. Hence, gaining the ability to encrypt will help you maintain your edge on the competition.

Crypto Basics: Understand and Create your own base64 encoding with Python

We encounter base64 encoding in most of our daily lives (yeah, nerds). For example, we use base64 encoding to embed image data directly into HTML source code or to prevent the probability of binary data getting corrupt in its raw form when sending attachments over the Internet. Crypto Basics: understand&create your own base64 encoding with Python

Cryptography in Python:

Whenever I learn something, I always try to implement it in a more familiar space, so as to give context to understand it better. In this case, I am implementing concepts from Cryptography into Python to understand it better. For those of you who are familiar with Python, I hope that you can learn a little bit of Cryptography from this article and for those of you who are familiar with Cryptography, I hope you can learn some a Python.

Bcrypt Step by Step: What Bcrypt Looks Like

Bcrypt is a key derivation function, which can be thought of as a slow hash function. Its purpose is to slowly convert a piece of input data to a fixed-size, deterministic, and unpredictable output.