C# is a high level, statically typed, object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. C# code usually targets Microsoft's .NET family of tools and runtimes, which include the .NET Framework and .NET Core.

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C# 6.0 with Expression Bodied Properties, Dictionary Initializer

Eric Vogel goes over a few C# 6.0 language improvements that will help make your coding experiences more concise. Here's a handful of these improvements such as expression bodied properties and functions, using static directive, string interpolation, and the new dictionary initializer syntax.

Method Deprecation In C#

In this blog, we are discussing how we can mark the method as deprecated, with the help of a simple program we can understand: method deprecation. I have created a console application with a simple class. In the class, I have two methods, those are addition and an improvised method of addition or the existing method.

Ref and Out are two keywords in C#

In this blog, you will learn about Ref Vs Out in C#. Ref and Out are two keywords in C# which give us an opportunity to pass a variable in methods by reference. Both are treated differently at run-time but they are treated the same at compile time.

Immutable Object In C#

In this blog, we are discussing immutable objects in C#. Immutable objects are those objects in which once data has been loaded, it cannot be modified any way, internally or externally. An immutable object is used where ever data is static. For example, when master data is loaded into memory we don’t want to change it. For example, currency master, state master, etc.

Microsoft Build 2020 – Highlights

This Microsoft Build 2020 conference was very different from all the previous ones as a digital experience event because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Microsoft made it a great experience – with announcements on Microsoft Azure, .NET 5, Windows, and more.

C# 9: Range Operators in Switch Constructs

Since C# was first introduced, developers have complained about the lack of a range operator in switch constructs. This made switches far less useful in C# than they were in VB. As part of the pattern-matching enhancements for C# 9, this limitation has been addressed.

C# 9: Minor Improvements for Lambdas

Lambdas will be getting a small upgrade in C# 9 with two new features: discard parameters and static anonymous functions. Neither will change the way code is written, but they do clarify the developer’s intent. Lambda Discard Parameters allow developers to explicitly indicate that some of the parameters are not needed

Introducing C# Markup for Xamarin.Forms

C# Markup for Xamarin.Forms enables developers to seemlessly create user interfaces in C# code with built in markup extensions. Xamarin.Forms 4.6 introduced C# Markup, a set of fluent helpers and classes that aim to make UI development in C# a joy. C# Markup helps developers write concise declarative UI markup and cleanly separate it from UI logic, all in C#. Developers get to enjoy C#’s first-class IDE support when writing markup.

C# 9 – Positional or Nominal Creation

C# allows writing code with positional or nominal code style. Using positional code style, constructors can be used. Object initializer belong to the nominal category. So far the nominal category was restricted because it required writable properties. This can change with C# 9.

Some of it exciting new features C# 9.0

It may be that .NET 5, the one and only .NET that will clear the confusion and lead the way for the next years was probably the biggest(?) announcement of Microsoft Build 2020, but there were numerous other equally important; from the general availability of the Blazor WebAssembly, the Azure Static Web Apps and all… Read More »C# 9.0

Analysis of Merge Requests in GitLab Using PVS-Studio For

Like GitLab and don't like bugs? Want to improve the quality of your source code? Let's see how to configure PVS-Studio C# analyzer for checking merge requests.

How to Send Messages Between Components in a Blazor WebAssembly App

This is a quick tutorial to show how you can send messages between components in a Blazor WebAssembly (WASM) application. It includes an example Blazor app that sends messages from a home component to a main layout component via a message service.

The Best Samples to Teach Yourself Blazor

Now that Microsoft’s C#-in-a-browser platform is an official release, it’s safe to dig in Ever since it was first announced as an experimental project in late 2017, there’s been plenty of excitement about Blazor. The promise is huge — to let developers write C# code that runs on a streamlined version of .NET in the browser. It’s the biggest expansion of .NET’s front-end footprint since Silverlight died in 2012.

RestClient.Net Version 4.0

RestClient.Net is a cross-platform rest-client for .NET Core, .NET Framework, iOS, Android, WASM and UWP. It puts a wrapper over the .NET HttpClient API and allows you to write Rest client code that runs on any of the platforms. Version 4.0 of this library has been released.

Java vs C# (C Sharp). Что выбрать?

Сегодня у нас на сравнении Java и C# (c sharp). Какой язык лучше? Что стоит выбрать для себя?

How Hello World! changed – top level statements and functions (C# 9)

C# 9 comes with many new features to enhance productivity and fix bugs. One productivity enhancement comes for small and simple programs also helps learning C#.

Stretching the Reach of Implicitly Typed Variables in C#

Type inference is a common feature among mainstream programming languages. The functional ones, like ML and Haskell, are pioneers in exploring this programming paradigm where the declaration of a variable or a function may omit a type annotation. Today, even classic imperative languages such as C++ offer, to a certain extent, a kind of type inference.

Create a C# WPF Application - Hosted on GitHub

In this video, I create a new C# WPF desktop application using Visual Studio 2017. I add the source code to a Git repository and I host it on GitHub. I go step-by-step and explain everything in detail. If you want to create your first C# WPF application, this video is what you need to watch.

Why C# is My Favorite Programming Language

Looking for a programming language? Here are some of the reasons you should try c#. C# is “a modern, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language. C# has its roots in the C family of languages and will be immediately familiar to C, C++, Java, and JavaScript programmers”. This language is Microsoft’s darling and has a wide arrange of utilities and tools.

Can I Get a Job in C#? Should I Switch Languages? Is C# In Demand?

Is C# really the right choice? Should I choose a different language instead? Can I really make money as a C# developer? Are there any C# jobs out there? It feels like there are more JavaScript jobs out there. Should I learn that instead? These are all good questions and in this video, I will be answering these questions and more.