C# is a high level, statically typed, object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. C# code usually targets Microsoft's .NET family of tools and runtimes, which include the .NET Framework and .NET Core.

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Build Apps for Microsoft Teams with Blazor - ASP.NET Community Standup

Learn how to build apps for Microsoft Teams using the Teams Toolkit, .NET, and Blazor.

Making Async Code Run Faster in C#

In this video I am going to show you how you can detect use-cases where you can make async code perform faster. The usecase is relatively nieche but common enought that you might be able to use it in one way or another.

15 Must-Have Visual Studio Extensions for Developers

Visual Studio is Microsoft’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE). You can use it for the development of computer programs, websites, web applications, web services, and mobile apps. Visual Studio uses platforms such as Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, and Windows S

Smart Home From Scratch - A Little C#, A Little C++ and A Whole Lot Of Cheap Chinese Electronics

Smart Home From Scratch - A Little C#, A Little C++ and A Whole Lot Of Cheap Chinese Electronics. In this session I will tell you how I built a working IoT system in a short time and no budget and we will talk about pitfalls and important considerations in IoT systems.

Building a Game Boy Emulator in .NET Core!

A teardown of building and porting Game Boy emulators, written in cross-platform C# running in .NET Core. We'll deal with how machine code really works, how it's translated to opcodes, and how real time emulation works, all in this hour-long deep dive into emulation in .NET.

Blazor & GRPC - Code-first .NET SPA Developer Productivity

With Blazor WebAssembly, developers can write C# code for SPAs in the browser and share code with the server-side of their applications. Usually, you design and use JSON-based Web APIs to communicate between the client and the server logic. In this session, Christian Weyer demonstrates how to employ gRPC & gRPC-Web in a code-first manner to share .NET interface contracts in a strongly-typed way. With this approach, no code generation is needed, you get the same syntax and full intellisense on both sides. In fact, you gain the good parts we already had many years ago with WCF - now for the ubiquitous & open web. But: is really everything gold that glitters?

Making an RTS game #14: Adding a minimap and fog of war 2/3 (Unity/C#)

In this new Unity RTS programming tutorial, we’ll continue working on our minimap and fog of war features!

How to Generate a QR Code Image in Four Lines of Code

A QR code is a computer-readable identification that contains data about the item to which it is attached. The article demonstrates how to return the QR Code image as a response from .Net Core API.

C# Tutorial | Operators in C#

C# provides a number of operators. These operators can be classified into 5 major groups. Arithmetic operators that perform arithmetic operations with numeric operands. Comparison operators that compare numeric operands. Boolean logical operators that perform logical operations with bool operands. And Equality operators that check if their operands are equal or not.

How to Use the Iterator Pattern in C#

According to Gang of Four, the iterator pattern provides a process to obtain the aggregator object without knowing its implementation.

19 Code Comments That Will Crack You Up

19 Code Comments That Will Crack You Up. No, the rule isn’t: “Don’t write comments.” Yes, there are good rules of thumb you can apply. Look at the comments first. When you should use comments? Documenting, if description can’t be done outside of code.

Achieving Compile-time Performance with Reflection in C#

In this video I am going to show you how you can optimize reflection in C# and .NET and try to achieve compile-time performance with it. This might not be applicable to every single reflection usecase but it will definatley be applicable to a lot of them and I think there are several gotchas in this video that you can use in a variery of cases.

C# Language Highlights: Nullable Reference Types

C# Language Highlights: Nullable Reference Types

Secrets of Building Blazor Components

In this live session, Ed Charbeneau join us to talk about building components for Blazor.

ASP.NET Core Tutorial: Build your first app

ASP.NET Core Tutorial: Build your first app. Today, we’ll help you get started with ASP.NET Core by exploring its MVC structure and help you through your first ASP.NET Core web application!

Exploring Key Features of Blazor MultiSelect Dropdown

Syncfusion's Blazor MultiSelect Dropdown is a textbox component that allows a user to type or select multiple values from a list of predefined options. It works in both Blazor Server and WebAssembly (WASM) applications. You can bind the MultiSelect Dropdown to a data source using different mode

Blazor (É o fim do JS?) // Dicionário do Programador

Blazor é um framework da Microsoft que traz o C# para o navegador. Será ele o responsável pelo começo do fim do JavaScript? O fato é que com o Blazor WebAssembly podemos criar SPAs (Single Page Applications) e PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) tendo como base o C#.

5 Performance Tips For .Net Developers

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you some .Net 5 performance tips with benchmarking!

A Closer Look at 5 New Features in C# 10

We’ve been speculating about the future of C# 10 for a while. The possibilities are no secret. Spend some time on the C# GitHub page and you’ll find a long list of tantalizing ideas — some with major headaches still being hashed out. Many of them won’t make it into the next version of C#, and some of them won’t appear in the language ever.

Is C# A Dying Language?

is c# a dying language? or growing? Is C sharp a dying language?