Tensorflow and CUDA on processors without modern instructions

While on most occasions simple pip install tensorflow works just fine, certain combinations of hardware may be incompatible with the repository-installed tensorflow package. In this brief tutorial I will build the latest tensorflow 2.3.1 python package from the source. This tutorial may also be helpfull for those who want to update to the latest tensorflow version on older GPUs because older hardware support was removed from the precompiled version since 2.3.0. Tensorflow and CUDA on processors without modern instructions

OpenCV + CUDA + AWS EC2 + (No More Tears)

Step by step instructions to bind OpenCV libraries with CUDA drivers to enable GPU processing on OpenCV codes. I am renting an EC2 instance with a p3.8xlarge instance in the AWS, which has 4 Nvidia GPUs.

Deep Learning with docker container from NGC — Nvidia GPU Cloud

No more sweating over the installation of Deep Learning environment, the new approach is to work with dockers from Nvidia cloud. I find myself using it more and more. Since my main work is in Deep Learning on medical (highly secured) data, I use dockers a lot.

Installing CUDA and cuDNN on Windows

Installing CUDA and cuDNN on Windows. This is an how-to guide for someone who is trying to figure our, how to install CUDA and cuDNN on windows to be used with tensorflow.

Complete Guide To ShuffleNet V1 With Implementation In Multiclass Image Classification

This article demonstrates how we can implement a deep learning model with ShuffleNet architecture to classify images of CIFAR-10 dataset.

NVIDIA GTC Highlights: Next Gen Data Centers, Supercomputers & More

NVIDIA GTC Highlights: Next Gen Data Centers, Supercomputers & More. NVIDIA is launching Jetson Nano 2GB, the latest addition to the Jetson family. Jetson is an Arm-based System on Chip

The Easy-Peasy Tensorflow-GPU Installation(Tensorflow 2.1) on Windows 10

The Easy-Peasy Tensorflow-GPU Installation(Tensorflow 2.1, CUDA 11.0, and cuDNN) on Windows 10. The simplest way to install Tensorflow GPU on Windows 10.

How to pick parts for a Deep learning PC when on a budget?

How to pick parts for a Deep learning PC when on a budget? I started to check the computer enthusiast forums and sites with used parts for second-hand hardware.

Tips for Getting CUDA Capabilities Integrated Into Your OCI/Docker Images on Linux

Love the simplicity of using Docker/Podman to store your machine learning environments, but need help integrating it with your NVIDIA GPU? This guide will help get you up and running to integrate your containers with a single (local) GPU directly on a Linux workstation.

Docker-based Python Development with CUDA Support on PyCharm

Introduction. Setting up a development environment is not easy if you are inexperienced, especially if a lot of technologies you wish to learn are involved. This tutorial aims to show you how to set up a basic Docker-based Python development environment with CUDA support in PyCharm or Visual Studio Code.

Machine Learning With GPU (1): CUDA

If you working with Machine Learning using GPU this story is the answer.

Contradistinguisher for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

A model which deals with certain drawbacks of domain alignment involved in domain adaptation methods alongside giving the SOTA results.

PyTorch on the GPU - Training Neural Networks with CUDA

Welcome to this neural network programming series! PyTorch doesn’t have a dedicated library for GPU users, and as a developer, you’ll need to do some manual work here. In this episode, we will see how we can use the CUDA capabilities of PyTorch to run our code on the GPU.

Make your Python functions 10x faster

Learn to use the ElementwiseKernel API to accelerate your python code on GPU with CUDA and to speed up your NumPy code! This post is a very special one for me because it contains things that I have learned while preparing for Google Summer of Code 2020 (not selected).

Making your Ubuntu deep learning ready

Installing cuda, cudnn, tensorflow, keras, pytorch in ubunutu.Making your Ubuntu deep learning ready

Installing cuDNN for GPU support with TensorFlow on Windows 10

It has been a while since I wrote on this platform, as if I had almost forgotten about it. But here I am again, and I have a bunch of long written posts that I will be rolling out at shorter intervals, and not just installation stuff, I promise

How to Install Tensorflow 2.1 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with GPU

I am installing drivers for the Nvidia GPU which are compatible with the version of CUDA Toolkit, cuDNN and Tensorflow I wish to install on Ubuntu 18.04, namely Tensorflow 2.1 — this requires CUDA 10.1 or above. In doing so, in my case this involves also handling my current installations of Nvidia drivers, CUDA, cuDNN, and Tensorflow (details of which are set out at Step 1).