How "20% time" practice mutated the DNA of our company in just half of that time

If we made a ranking of top corporate buzzwords of the past two decades, „innovation” would likely take the podium; Chief Innovation Officer seats were added to many executive board rooms across the globe,

What is a Service Jam and why should you attend one?

This was a busy year for service design. Our friends at BLStream organized “Basics of service design. UX#3”. A few months back there was a first Service design drinks event in Warsaw, organized by the guys from Service design Berlin (an event that took place in November). In October there was the Service Design Global Conference in Amsterdam and from what I’ve heard it was an event you cannot miss.

How to Become an ISTQB Foundation Level Certified QA Tester in Two Weeks

Almost every software development agency eventually creates a QA department. QAs' play role is to validate if the product meets both business and technical requirements, but also works and looks as expected.

Monterail Ranked as a Leader Among Ruby on Rails Developers

In February, Clutch - a Washington-based business analytics company, released 2017 edition of updated research of top development companies. We’re very excited to announce, that Monterail, competing with 100+ companies, was recognized as a Market Leader in Polish Development Companies and Ruby on Rails Developers categories, currently ranking on 2nd place in both.

Monterail Ranked as #1 Ruby on Rails Company in The World by Clutch

According to Clutch, Monterail was ranked as a number one Ruby on Rails company in the world. Work with us!

Why We Love, Use, And Support Vue.js

What makes Vue.js one of the most promising frameworks out there? Why Vue is a good decision from a product owner and developer perspective? Read a blog post from Vue.js core team member to find out.

Rules To Go By, If You Want To Become A Product Designer

*In a medium sized software house in Wrocław, we’re currently looking for a new team member who knows how to design applications, network management tools...

A Short Summary of “Girls in IT” First Edition

Last Monday was very exciting. About 100 young women gathered in Monterail’s office to listen to our women experts from different fields...

Perks And Highlights of VueConf 2017

With this piece, we will explain you what is the main idea behind the conference and give you a recap of VueConf itself in case you missed it.

Why So Few Women Work in IT and What We Can Do About It

As I was contemplating the problem of few women in IT, I approached my friend Mateusz Sławiński, a Talent Manager here at Monterail. We had a long conversation ...

6 Scary Outage Stories from CTOs

Tina Huang of Transposit, . Charity Majors of Honeycomb, Matthew Fornaciari of Gremlin, Liran Haimovitch of Rookout, Daniel “Spoons” Spoonhower of Lightstep, and Lee Liu of LogDNA all weigh in with their IT tales of woe, and redemption.

Post-Acquisition, Progress Polishes Chef for Enterprise DevOps, Compliance

Since its $220 million buyout of Chef earlier this month, Progress plans to use the company’s technology to address the growing need for bringing DevOps to the enterprise. It is also working to make adoption and scaling of Chef itself easier.

Data Scientists to Help Women-led Startups Soar in WaiDATATHON for Sustainable Future

Data Scientists to Help Women-led Startups Soar in WaiDATATHON for Sustainable Future. We want to nurture our startups and future tech with these values. If you believe that the future of data and AI is sustainable, join us to build it together.

27 Women Who Change the Tech World [Infographic]

There are countless inspiring women in tech and IT sectors who make their mark on the landscape every single day. The selectees are leaders, executives, authors, developers, designers, and influencers, helping create innovative products and services.

Tech Leading—A Story of One Project in Four Acts

That was the first project I was tech leading. The things I learned are invaluable but the most important is the fact that app is live and gaining users every day. And now I tell the story.

Lessons Swift Designer Chris Lattner Has Learned about Leadership

Leadership and Language Design At one point Lattner showed the principles of leadership in action, giving a demonstration of knowledgeability, team building, and a focus on the problems to be solved when it comes to designing a programming language.

How Loyco Built a Product Loved by The Swiss Market

Loyco operating in Carouge, Switzerland is one of the leaders in HR services for corporations and SMEs. Here's the interview with Christophe Jodry, Global Operations Coordinator who explains what stands behind their worldwide success.

Abstraction: The Journey from Memory Tubes to JavaScript Memory Management

In the space of seventy years, we’ve gone from having to program instructions — using machine language, no less — into a cathode-ray memory tube, to 80% of the time copying and pasting reusable modules into an internet service (and having no idea where in the world it will actually get computed).

GitHub’s ‘ReadME’ Highlights Open Source Maintainers

On August 20th, GitHub launched the ReadME Project a new series of web pages "to amplify the voices of open source software" — promising to bring the stories of the people who create it.

No Easy Fix: Cloud Native’s Role in Digital Transformation

Chief Information Officers are deluding themselves if they think digital transformation via cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes is going to be easy.