Is Mobile Application for Business is Necessity or Want?

Mobile apps, having deeply penetrated every sphere of business and personal life, became irreplaceable components in connecting the dots in the digital presence of companies. As a result, having a mobile presence is no longer just an optional...

Real-time Analytics News Roundup for Week Ending January 9

The Linux Foundation and the CNCF launch a new Kubernetes security training course, Intel intros Intel RealSense ID . Here is a roundup of some news from this week: IBM announced a partnership and an acquisition, both aimed at helping businesses migrate to ...

How We Use Machine Learning to Help Predict Customer Churn

There are dozens of companies that lost their customers due to a million tiny issues. This shows how Machine Learning can help predict customer churn.

5 Ways to Use AI to Improve Your Customer Service Experience

Discover the five most common use cases of artificial intelligence to improve customer service experience.

How Automation Helps MSPs Get to Market Faster than the Competition

By incorporating modern automation tools, managed service providers (MSPs) can get to market faster and sustain a rapid growth trajectory.

5 Ways Data Analytics Can Help the Hotel Industry

5 Ways Data Analytics Can Help the Hotel Industry: Even though data analytics is in the adoption phase in the hotel industry – it offers a world of advantages for hoteliers.

All you need to know about the new app rating formula by Google

Google is coming up with a new app rating system that will rate the mobile app in the play store based on its current performance. Until now, the app rating that the user or potential customer was seeing on the play store was the overall rating of the app since its inception.