How NDML Is Driving Digital India Initiatives: Interview With Madhusudhan ML, NDML

We got in touch with Madhusudhan ML, MD & CEO, NDML to get more insight into how it is driving India into the road to digital transformation.

"If A Company Is Still Thinking Of Moving To Cloud, It’s Already Late"

An end-to-end cloud service provider, Unisys assists organisations in seamless & effective migration to cloud, cost optimisation, & security

The Biggest Data Breaches That Made Headlines in 2020.

Today, in the COVID-19 World, working from home has become an accepted corporate culture, giving rise to security challenges across industries. Enterprises a...

Cloud Development Services and Cloud Consulting Solutions | CyNtell

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10 Biggest Data Breaches That Made Headlines In 2020

With the rise of pandemic and the transitions in organisations, cybercriminals achieved one-in-a-million chance to hack and breach data.

Virtual Dispersive Networking

Learn About VDN for CyberSecurity

Blockchain: The new technology of trust

Learn about Blockchain technology and how it works.

70% of Organisations Found It Difficult To Maintain ‘Endpoint Cyber Hygiene’: Report

IT giant Wipro has now released its annual State of Cybersecurity Report (SOCR), which presents the changing perspectives of cybersecurity.

Password Security Best Practices & Compliance

Application Security is one of the primary concerns for a software developer. People trust your application and share sensitive or personal information. As a…

Is Your Database Secured? Think Again

1. Secure your server Many known attacks are possible only once physically accessing a machine. For this reason, it is best to have the application server and…

How Is FireEye Setting An Ambitious Glance Into The Security Analytics Market Dominance

FireEye's increased focus on improving product and strategy will add up to the offerings they have for the cybersecurity space, making them a market leader.

Facebook & Its Tumultuous Relationship With AI-Based Content Moderation

We track down some of the major efforts of Facebook for AI based moderation in the past and how it has fared in tackling the issue.

Best Data Governance Practices That Enterprises Should Adopt

Different organisations adopt data governance practices which may differ from case-to-case; here are a few best practices

How to Scan Your Docker Images in Your Local Machine

Learn how you can leverage the use of Snyk inside your Docker engine installation. In this tutorial, you'll see How to Scan Your Docker Images in Your Local Machine

Hyperloop’s First Ride, Apple Chips In M1 & More: This Week’s Top News

Virgin Hyperloop announced that they have successfully tested their hyperloop pods on a 500-meter test track in the desert of Las Vegas.

IBM & AMD To Advance Confidential Computing For Cloud & Accelerate AI

IBM and AMD announced a multi-year joint development agreement to enhance the Confidential Computing and AI offerings of both companies.

Register For CXO Virtual Round Table Discussion On Data Integrity

Precisely, along with Analytics India Magazine is conducting a Round Table, on Data Integrity - the Next Business Imperative.

In Wake Of BigBasket Data Breach, Data Classification Is Need Of Hour

Organisations must have strong data protection techniques in place. One of the major techniques is data classification.

Cybersecurity Protection Depends on Capabilities of Machine Learning

Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming more dependent on machine learning; ultimately relying on a distributed network model. Cybersecurity Protection Depends on Capabilities of Machine Learning

This Cybersecurity Startup Simplifies Endpoint Security With ML Threat Detection

Sequretek’s Endpoint Detection Prevention Response (EDPR) is a next-generation endpoint security product, primarily focused on ML threat detection.