Free, Privacy-First Analytics for a Better Web

We’re announcing a brand new, privacy-first analytics service that’s open to everyone — even if they're not already a Cloudflare customer. And if you're a Cloudflare customer, we've enhanced our analytics to make them even more powerful than before.

Explaining Cloudflare's ABR Analytics

ABR stands for “Adaptive Bit Rate”. It's essentially an eponym for the term as used in video streaming such as Cloudflare's own Stream Delivery. In those cases, the server will select the best resolution for a video stream to match your client and network connection.

Intel Aims to Gain Real-Time Edge

Intel Aims to Gain Real-Time Edge. While that transition has been occurring for a few years, Intel expects the shift to processing data at the edge will only increase in the wake of COVID-19.

Monitoring Water Scarcity (SDG 6.4) in Africa with FAO WaPOR data and Google Earth Engine

The importance of monitoring water use efficiency in agriculture. Target 6.4 addresses water-use efficiency and wa­ter stress. To track progress, two indicators were developed.

4 Must-Use Data Sources to Establish the Right Content & Keyword Focus

Want to build your authority on a topic? Consider these four primary types of data which you can use to establish your content and keyword pillar strategy.

Capital One Fined $80 Million for 2019 Data Breach Affecting 106 Million Users

A United States regulator has fined the credit card provider Capital One Financial Corp with $80 million over last year's data breach that exposed the personal information of more than 100 million credit card applicants of Americans.

Google Adds New Structured Data Properties to Estimated Salary Dev Page

Google updated its structured data development page to add two new properties to the Occupation structured data and the OccupationAggregationByEmployer structured data. The two properties are “JobBenefits” and “industry.”

Google CEO Pichai Calls For A More Global Internet Amid India’s Data Protection Push

With the global data protection push reaching India as well and the Indian government pitching for strict data localisation policies, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, said in a media interview that the flow of cross-border data for technology companies is as important for the global ambitions of companies from India as it is for Silicon Valley giants.

Text Mining and FAIR Data: The Strategic Role Information Managers Play

How can information managers find strategic roles to play in their organization's AI and data analysis projects? Download this book to learn more.

Data warrior In The COVID-19 War | Combat COVID-19 With Technology and Healthcare

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PyData Tel Aviv Meetup: Introduction to Causal Inference in Time Series Data

PyData Tel Aviv Meetup # 28 2 January 2020 Sponsored and Hosted by PayPal. In this talk I will give concise review of the major approaches found in academic literature and online resources for the purpose of inferring and detecting causality in time series data.

Jigsaw Academy Launches A Program On People Analytics

Jigsaw Academy recently announced that launch of a new program on People Analytics & Digital HR in association with IIM-Indore.

How to Generate Data-Driven Copy for Ecommerce Category Pages with GPT

Interested in scalable text generation? Learn how to programmatically generate copy for ecommerce category pages using a transformer-based language model.

Marketing & Technology Data Is Racist & Biased: Here's How Marketers Can Fix It

Learn what implicit bias is, how it affects marketing data and technology. In this piece, we’ll talk about: What implicit bias is. How it affects marketing data and technology. Why it’s important to recognize it in our SEO and marketing. What marketers can do.

How to Write Effects for Actions in NgRx Data

Now, I am going to tell you about my experience with a problem — I couldn’t figure out a solution for a long time. We will also learn how to:Create a dummy project in NgRx Data, and customize the URL in NgRx data.

How Did Road Freight Transport Develop in the Netherlands?

I spent hours daily driving on one of the busiest motorways in the Netherlands , when commuting was still a norm. In this article, we will explore several aspects of goods vehicles transportation in particular. What are the types of common goods vehicles? How can we tell them apart using data?

Save The Time by Doing Things Smarter

In this article, I’ll share 5 tips on how to optimize the way of working and save some extra free minutes here and there while working with data science projects. Actually, most of these tips are quite general and applies not only to data science, but other things as well.

Automate Updates to Your Google Sheet from Data Sources | WayScript Business Automation

Hey Everyone! In this one let's talk about how we can start automatically updating your google sheets using a data source. We're running this daily from our MySQL database, but you could use many other data sources (or connect your own!)

Combining logistic regression and decision tree

Making logistic regression less linear. In this article, I will demonstrate how we can improve the prediction of non-linear relationships by incorporating a decision tree into a regression model.