Big Data To Good Data: Urges ML Community To Be More Data-Centric And Less Model-Centric

Big Data To Good Data: Andrew Ng Urges ML Community To Be More Data-Centric And Less Model-Centric. What's special about it? Why are so many people looking forward to it?

We Don’t Need Data Engineers, We Need Better Tools for Data Scientists

We Don’t Need Data Engineers, We Need Better Tools for Data Scientists. If you are still wondering about it then this article is for you. Surely you will have a completely different view after reading our article.

Guide To Parsehub: A No-Code, GUI Based Data Scraping tool

In this tutorial, Parser Tutorial: A GUI-based, no-code data collection tool

How to Deal with Categorical Data for Machine Learning

Check out this guide to implementing different types of encoding for categorical data, including a cheat sheet on when to use what type. If only I knew these things before. An extremely helpful article. You will definitely regret skipping it.

Are You Still Using Pandas to Process Big Data in 2021? Here are two better options

When its time to handle a lot of data -- so much that you are in the realm of Big Data -- what tools can you use to wrangle the data, especially in a notebook environment? Pandas doesn’t handle really Big Data very well, but two other libraries do. So,… Please read our article

Data Science Learning Roadmap for 2021

Venturing into the world of Data Science is an exciting, interesting, and rewarding path to consider. There is a great deal to master, and this self-learning recommendation plan will guide you toward establishing a solid understanding of all that is foundational to data science as well as a solid portfolio…

A step-by-step guide for creating an authentic data science portfolio project

In this blog post, I want to show you how I develop interesting data science project ideas and implement them step by step, such as exploring Germany’s biggest frequent flyer forum Vielfliegertreff. If you are short on time, feel free to skip to the conclusion TLDR.

Essential commands for data preparation with Pandas

Data preparation is 80% of work in any data science project. If you are a Python fan, then Pandas is your best friend in your data science journey. Here are some essential Pandas functions needed for making data analysis-ready.

Adopting DataOps for Agile Data Management Processes

Adopting DataOps for Agile Data Management Processes. DataOps optimizes and streamlines the data value-Innovation pipeline to ensure agility and resilience in data preparation, analysis, and implementation.

How to Hill Climb the Test Set for Machine Learning

How to Hill Climb the Test Set for Machine Learning. In this tutorial, you will discover how to hill climb the test set for machine learning.

How to Train to the Test Set in Machine Learning

How to Train to the Test Set in Machine Learning. In this tutorial, you will discover how to intentionally train to the test set for classification and regression problems.

Feature Engineering for Numerical Data

Data feeds machine learning models, and the more the better, right? Well, sometimes numerical data isn't quite right for ingestion, so a variety of methods, detailed in this article, are available to transform raw numbers into something a bit more palatable.

What Is Data Enrichment And How It Works - KDnuggets

Learn what is data enrichment, what are the different types, benefits and use cases for data enrichment, and how SmartProxy helps you do it.

Feature Engineering and Selection (Book Review)

Data preparation is the process of transforming raw data into learning algorithms. In some cases, data preparation is a required step in order to provide the data to an algorithm in its required input format. In other cases, the most appropriate representation of the input data is not known and must be explored in a trial-and-error manner in order to discover what works best for a given model and dataset.

These Data Science Skills will be your Superpower

Learning data science means learning the hard skills of statistics, programming, and machine learning. To complete your training, a broader set of soft skills will round out your capabilities as an effective and successful professional Data Scientist.

5 Different Ways to Load Data in Python - KDnuggets

Data is the bread and butter of a Data Scientist, so knowing many approaches to loading data for analysis is crucial. Here, five Python techniques to bring in your data are reviewed with code examples for you to follow.

A Python Library to Prepare Your Data Before Training

Preparing the data can be a tiresome task because it takes a lot of effort and time to analyze the data and prepare it according to our requirements.

8 Top Books on Data Cleaning and Feature Engineering

Data preparation is the transformation of raw data into a form that is more appropriate for modeling. It is a challenging topic to discuss as the data differs in form, type.

How to Create Custom Data Transforms for Scikit-Learn

The scikit-learn Python library for machine learning offers a suite of data transforms for changing the scale and distribution of input data, as well as removing input features (columns).

How to Grid Search Data Preparation Techniques

Machine learning predictive modeling performance is only as good as your data, and your data is only as good as the way you prepare it for modeling. The most common approach to data preparation is to study a dataset and review the expectations of a machine learning algorithms, then carefully choose the most appropriate data preparation techniques to transform the raw