Data Science is Not Becoming Extinct in 10 Years, Your Skills Might

4 reasons why data science is here to stay and what you need to do to ensure that your skillset stays in demand.

Webinar: Solving The Hunger For Data Science Skills In The Post-COVID World

Praxis Business School Foundation and Analytics India Magazine are organising a webinar to understand this rapidly evolving field of data science and how pandemic impacted the demand for data scientists.

Data Science Certification, Essential Data Science Skills The Most Effective

Data Science Certification, Essential data science skills the most effective. Pandas on Steroids: End to End Data Science in Python with Dask... All are answered in this article.

Top 10 Talks To Check Out At SkillUp 2021

SkillUp 2021 will give an opportunity for students across India to connect with top-tier universities offering courses in data analytics & machine learning.

The Most In-Demand Skills for Data Scientists in 2021

If you are preparing to make a career as a Data Scientist or are looking for opportunities to skill-up in your current role, this analysis of in-demand skills for 2021. Then this is the article for you.

The Four Jobs of the Data Scientist

If you’re reading this and find yourself saying “I’m not an X” where X is either scientist, statistician, systems engineer, or politician, then the chances are that is where you are weak at data science

How to Acquire the Most Wanted Data Science Skills

We recently surveyed KDnuggets readers to determine the "most wanted" data science skills. Since they seem to be those most in demand from practitioners, here is a collection of resources for getting started with this learning. This article will present some no-cost options for getting started learning about each of these skills.

The Missing Teams For Data Scientists

Still today, too large a percent of data science projects fail, many of which can be attributed to the impacts of how hard missing data teams hit the data science team. Advocating for the missing data engineering and operations components to your team will make your professional life easier and…

How to Become A Data Scientist: A Data-driven Approach To Careers in Data Science

Many devs and IT professionals looking for the next career wonder how to become a data scientist. Ashwin Thota matches up skills to job titles.

How I Levelled Up My Data Science Skills In 8 Months

Read how the author used their time to level up a variety of their data science skills over a short period of time, and learn how you could do the same.

Data Science Minimum: 10 Essential Skills You Need to Know to Start Doing Data Science

Data science is ever-evolving, so mastering its foundational technical and soft skills will help you be successful in a career as a Data Scientist, as well as pursue advance concepts, such as deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Data Scientists: Think like Biologists!

Data Scientists: Think like Biologists! This post is written for those readers with little or no biology, but having data science skills and who are interested in working on biological domain problems.

How To Decide What Data Skills To Learn

First, top skills asked for include things like Excel and Tableau, jobs that have these as the main requirements aren’t really data science jobs to me. Sure you may use them as a data scientist occasionally, but this is more the job of a data analyst, business intelligence person, or business analyst.

These Data Science Skills will be your Superpower

Learning data science means learning the hard skills of statistics, programming, and machine learning. To complete your training, a broader set of soft skills will round out your capabilities as an effective and successful professional Data Scientist.

The List of Top 10 Data Science Lists; Data Science MOOCs with Substance

The List of Top 10 Lists in Data Science; Going Beyond Superficial: Data Science MOOCs with Substance; Introduction to Statistics for Data Science; Content-Based Recommendation System using Word Embeddings; How Natural Language Processing Is Changing Data Analytics. Also this week: The List of Top 10 Lists in Data Science; Going Beyond Superficial: Data Science MOOCs with Substance; Introduction to Statistics for Data Science

News 20:n31, Aug 12: Data Science Skills

Netflix is not only for movies - its Polynote is a new open source framework to build better data science notebooks; Learn about containerization of PySpark using Kubernetes.

Which Data Science Skills are core and which are hot/emerging ones?

Take part in the latest KDnuggets poll, and share your insights with the community. Which Data Science skills do you currently possess, and which are you looking forward to add or improve upon? Vote now!

How to Build Your Data Science Competency for Post-COVID Future

If you're a data science professional or just a beginner looking to get into the field, here's what you need to know about your post-COVID future. Data science is helping healthcare organizations and businesses navigate the current crisis more effectively. Find out how you can learn this in-demand qualification and help them with addressing complex challenges.

32 Data Sets to Uplift your Skills in Data Science | Data Sets

Need a data set to practice with? Data Science Dojo has created an archive of 32 data sets for you to use to practice and improve your skills as a data scientist.

Logistic Regression in R: A Classification Technique to Predict Credit Card Default

A Classification Tutorial Logistic Regression in R: A Classification Technique to Predict Credit Card Default